The Best Advice About Halloween Decorations From Guanmei Glass Art

April 13, 2023

Halloween is one of those feel-good holidays where you line your interiors with bright garish decorations. This is particularly important if you plan to host a party for your friends and family. If you want to decorate a huge space, consider buying Halloween decorations wholesale. While most Halloween decorating ideas focus on an abundance of witch hats and pumpkins, there are several ways to ensure your décor stays stylish.

In this brief, we've rounded up the top tips from interior designers to invoke the Halloween spirit while maintaining a healthy balance between stylish and spooky.

Start by Un-Decorating

The first step in ushering in the holiday is un-decorating your space. Strip your walls and surfaces of any picture frames, vases, and other decorations, and make your Halloween decorations the focal point in your room. This is because adding Halloween decorations to your everyday décor can cause clutter and confusion.

Stick to One Theme

It is also essential to select a theme and stick to it to give your home a cohesive and sophisticated look. A common characteristic of Halloween décor is garish colourways comprising predominantly slime greens and luminous oranges. If you wish to tone down the down, consider embracing darker, more luxurious tones or opting for a fall colour scheme. Fall-themed Halloween decoration comprises rich colors and textures like deep greens and burnt oranges.

Alternatively, go gothic to channel the holiday's darker, spookier side. Purples and dark blacks will come in handy, not forgetting golds and dark wax.

Know Your Limits

While you may want things to get as scary as possible, you must also be mindful of others. For instance, if you have younger children, you might want to steer clear of over-the-top scary decorations such as dismembered bodies. Interior designers argue that Halloween décor should delight, not traumatize.

Get Good Deals by Buying Halloween Decorations Wholesale

Of course, everyone loves a good bargain, which is why the best days to get the best prices for Halloween decorations are those after Halloween. This is when most of the items at Halloween decoration suppliers like Guanmei Glass Art Company are on clearance. Another way to ensure you spend less on the unholy day is by sourcing most of your items, such as tree limbs and sticks, from your surroundings.

You can also scourge flea markets for good deals or wait for residents to put out unwanted furniture and other items.

Pumpkins Are Always a Good Idea

It is true that your pumpkin carving skills will come in handy during Halloween, but you should also note that pumpkin painting can create an even more significant impact. What’s more? Painting pumpkins requires little time and effort, and the results are fabulous. All you need to do is select a colour scheme that compliments parts of your home, such as the door.

Another way to create a chic look with your pumpkins is by covering them with buttons or glitter. You can then place them outside to welcome your guests or inside as décor.

The glass pumpkins also a beautiful option. These pumpkins are made from blown glass and often have LED lights inside. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be personalized with paint or etching. Glass pumpkins are a bit more fragile than their real counterparts, but they last much longer and can be reused year after year. If you're looking for something special to spruce up your Halloween decor, consider a glass pumpkin from a reputable manufacturer.

glass pumpkin

Throw in Some Candles

Of course, Halloween can only be complete with candles to set a mysterious and creepy mood. Depending on how spooky you want things to get, there is a wide range of candles to select from. For the spookiest feel,Guanmei Art white candles are the way to go. Mix different heights and sizes on a table or mantle to make the candles a centrepiece. For the best outcome, dim all the lights in the room to give the decorations a soft scary glow with shadows.

According to designers, atmospheric lighting is necessary for décor of any season. While the first thing that may come to mind when you think of Halloween lighting is flashing lights and plastic lanterns, the trick to creating a haunting atmosphere is using simple lights.

candle holder

Other Tips for Decorating for Halloween

Besides the above, here are some other Halloween décor ideas to keep the town talking:

· Avoid Plastic décor: Avoid inflatables and plastic decorations for a stylish Halloween theme.

· Use Halloween Motifs Sparingly: Spooky ornaments often pair nicely with traditional motifs like spiders, bats and witches. Although these create a fantastic Halloween display, they can easily overwhelm luxury décor, so keep them at a minimum.

· Set Your Table with Halloween Decorations: You can incorporate fun motifs such as ghouls and bats into your Halloween table décor.

· Bring In the Flowers: Floral decorations will give your home a festive yet elegant feel.

Final Thoughts

The best part about Halloween, besides picking out your costume, of course, is decorating your home. What makes the whole process fun is that you are allowed to get as creative as you want, and your family and friends can join in. However, to ensure you do not go overboard, heed tips from interior design experts. From choosing a colour theme to decorating with candles and pumpkins, you can never run out of ways to bring the Halloween spirit to your home.

At Guanmei Glass Art Company, we are committed to offering you the best deals on décor items for all seasons. From glass 3D LED skull light  to glass luxury gold inflatable pumpkin decorations, there is always something for everyone. Visit us and shop for wholesale Halloween outdoor decorations and more.

skull light

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