Why mercury-blown pumpkin is ruling the fall decoration

July 25, 2023

Who doesn't appreciate eye-catchy and luxurious decoration? Decorating homes and workplaces is an art that requires an amazing aesthetic sense and an eye for detail. If you are looking to decorate your home and workplace for this fall with some interesting and eye-catchy decorative items then you must look for glass decorative pumpkins which are truly an amazing addition to the decoration items.

If you aren't aware of the glass decorative pumpkins then let me spell it out for you. These are decorative items that are made with blown glass in the shape of a pumpkin. These decorative pumpkins can be hand-painted in different colors. But the latest trend points out toward the use of mercury to dip the pumpkin-shaped glass inside the mercury pool. This gives a unique glossy glass-like reflective appeal to the decorative pumpkin and is famous as mercury blown glass pumpkins. The best feature of these decorative pumpkins is that they look shiny but in a decent way. The glossy appeal doesn’t shine in a way that looks sharp to the eye rather it looks evenly fine and bright in an appeal that looks pleasant to the eyes.

In addition to these mercury glass pumpkins, light up glass pumpkins are equally famous among decoration lovers. These are the glass decorative pumpkins that are designed in a way that light is infused inside the glass pumpkin. When you turn on the light it illuminates from inside giving a mystical and magical appeal to the pumpkin. Tiny light bulbs can also be circled around the glass pumpkin to create the light up effect. These shiny bright glass pumpkins are loved for decoration as they add a colorful appeal to your decoration and give it a unique and soothing appeal.

The best way to decorate is to find a mercury glass pumpkin that comes with a built-in light to enjoy all the amazing features in one product. This way you can decorate your home or workplace in a unique yet spectacular manner.

Why glass decorative pumpkins are so in trend

The reasons why people are so inclined for using glass decorative pumpkins in decoration include:

· It is a unique and modernized way to add a traditional touch to decorating pumpkins at home.

· It doubles the joy of festivity on occasions like Halloween and Thanksgiving during fall.

· They look extremely gorgeous and appealing to the eye.

· Its versatile use makes it a must-have decorative item.

· Glass pumpkins are a keeper as they can be used for years to come in comparison to carved-out pumpkins

glass decorative pumpkins

How to decorate for fall with glass decorative pumpkins

Here are some tips to use glass decorative pumpkins this fall season:

· Place 3 different-sized light-up glass pumpkins on your dining table with the lights on at Halloween dinner. It won't only give a spooky candle-light touch to the dinner table but will also keep the spirit of Halloween alive with the inception of pumpkin on the table.

· You can place different-sized glass pumpkins with decorative vases on the sides of your console. This will work as a welcome charm to all the guests and visitors at your home or office. The addition of pumpkin in your decoration is a more than perfect way to welcome in the fall and Halloween seasons.

· Add Mercury Blown Glass Pumpkins to your coffee table in lounge to give it a unique and classy look. You can also add some fallen leaves to give it a tribute to the fall season.

· Place small-sized glass decorative pumpkins on your side table. It is even better to add light-infused pumpkins so that you can turn the light on when all other lights in the room are dim. This will give a mystical and classy touch to your bedroom.

· Place small-sized glass pumpkins on top of your Chester table or dressing table to add a unique decoration to your otherwise ordinary home and enjoy an unparalleled outlook.

Where to procure glass decorative pumpkins

Considering the elevating trend and high demand for glass decorative pumpkins, you might to tempted to start your venture to deal in this high-in-demand product. Well, if you are planning to do so then you need a trustworthy and reliable vendor who can manufacture top-notch glass pumpkins for you to sell. If you are looking for any such vendor then do check out Guanmei Glass Art. Their product is named “Guanmei - Custom Handmade Led Lighted Up Small Mercury Blown Glass Pumpkins Halloween Decoration Ornaments Pumpkin” is a stellar product that comes with the best mix of features you can ask for.

ustom Handmade Led Lighted Up Small Mercury Blown Glass Pumpkins Halloween Decoration Ornaments Pumpkin

This product is manufactured with a 100% hand-blown technique to give it a classy appeal. It comes with a built-in LED light and is infused with colored mercury to give an amazing finish to the product. It looks glossy and colorful at the same time that offers an impressive appeal that you can't take your eye off it. All items of this product range are certified from testing of CE and RoHS successfully. Moreover, Guanmei Glass Art specially implements quality control measures which are why all its product is certified as per ISO 9001, Avon, Disney, and BSCI. The product appeal is perfect for the holiday season to give a festive look to your workplace and home. This product adds a special look to your house portraying a spirit of celebration.

The product is available to be bought in order of 500 pieces. The best part is that you can get it printed with your customized brand name to own the product and market it as your own. You won't find any better deal than this anywhere from any other seller.

The most lucrative part of this deal is that you are getting all these features at market-competitive prices and that too from a professional organization that has been serving the market since 2003. Guanmei Glass Art has gained a good market reputation and a knack for unmatched products owing to this experience, professionalism, and a zero-tolerance policy for quality control.


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