20 Ideas for Home Decorating with Glass Plant Terrariums


20 Ideas for Home Decorating with Glass Plant Terrariums


Glass plant terrariums are a charming and versatile addition to any home decor. These small enclosed gardens bring a touch of nature indoors while providing a unique focal point in your space. Not only do they provide a beautiful display, but they also create a serene and calming ambiance. In this article, we will explore 20 creative ideas for incorporating glass plant terrariums into your home decorating. Let your imagination run wild as you explore these innovative ways to adorn your living spaces.

1. Creating a Mini Succulent Paradise

One of the simplest yet effective ideas for decorating with glass plant terrariums is to create a mini succulent paradise. Succulents are not only low-maintenance but also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose a collection of different succulent varieties and arrange them creatively within the terrarium. This mini garden will add a pop of color and a touch of nature to any room.

2. Hanging Terrariums for Vertical Gardens

If you have limited space, consider opting for hanging glass plant terrariums to create vertical gardens. Hang a cluster of terrariums at different heights, each filled with unique plants or colorful flowers. Not only will this make use of the vertical space in your home, but it will also add a stunning visual element that catches everyone's attention.

3. Air Plants for Minimalistic Charm

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are unique specimens that can thrive in glass plant terrariums without any soil. They absorb nutrients and moisture from the air, making them perfect for minimalist decor. Attach air plants to pebbles, driftwood, or other decorative elements inside the terrarium to create an ethereal and enchanting piece of art.

4. Terrarium Centerpieces for Dining Tables

Make a statement during your dinner parties by using glass plant terrariums as stunning centerpieces. Choose a terrarium with a larger opening and fill it with a combination of small plants, moss, and decorative elements like seashells or colored stones. This centerpiece will capture the attention of your guests and create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

5. Fairy Gardens to Ignite Imagination

Bring the magic of fairy gardens indoors by using glass plant terrariums as the perfect container. Create a whimsical world by adding miniature fairy figurines, tiny furniture, and whimsical accessories within the terrarium. Let your imagination run wild as you design a fairy garden that will leave both children and adults in awe.

6. Moss Terrariums for a Touch of Green

Moss terrariums are a beautiful way to introduce a touch of greenery into your home decor. Choose a glass plant terrarium with a lid and create a moss garden by layering different types of moss. This low-maintenance arrangement will add a calming and natural element to any space, making it the perfect addition to bedrooms or office spaces.

7. Cacti and Desert-Inspired Terrariums

Channel the serene beauty of the desert by creating cacti and desert-inspired glass plant terrariums. Choose a variety of cacti that thrive indoors and arrange them in layers of sand, pebbles, or gravel. This striking combination will bring the raw and rugged beauty of the desert into your home, creating an eye-catching focal point.

8. Herb Gardens in the Kitchen

Glass plant terrariums can serve a dual purpose when placed in the kitchen. Create an indoor herb garden by planting your favorite herbs like basil, rosemary, or thyme. Place the terrarium on your kitchen countertop or hang it near a window for easy access while adding a fresh and fragrant touch to your culinary space.

9. Terrarium Bookends for Stylish Shelving

Elevate your bookshelves by using glass plant terrariums as decorative bookends. Choose terrariums of varying sizes and shapes and fill them with cascading plants or vibrant flowers. These unique bookends will add a touch of elegance and greenery while keeping your books tidy and stylishly displayed.

10. Terrariums as Wall Art

Think outside the box and transform glass plant terrariums into living wall art. Hang them on the wall, arranging a variety of plants, moss, and decorative elements inside. By creating a gallery of terrariums, you'll add depth and vibrancy to your walls, turning them into stunning living masterpieces.

11. Beach-Inspired Terrariums

Capture the calming essence of the beach by creating beach-themed glass plant terrariums. Fill them with sand, seashells, miniature beach chairs, and small succulents. This coastal-inspired decor will remind you of sandy shores and tranquil waves, providing a sense of relaxation and serenity within your space.

12. Terrariums in the Bathroom

Don't neglect your bathroom when it comes to glass plant terrarium decorations. A small terrarium placed on a countertop or hanging from a shower caddy can add a refreshing touch to your daily routine. Opt for humidity-loving plants like ferns, moss, or even air plants to create a serene and spa-like atmosphere.

13. Vintage Terrariums for Nostalgic Charm

Embrace vintage aesthetics by repurposing old glass containers as terrariums. Vintage jars, bottles, or lanterns can provide a unique and antique touch to your decor. Fill them with vibrant plants or delicate flowers to recreate the charm of yesteryears with a modern twist.

14. Terrariums on Window Sills

Enhance the natural beauty of your windows by placing glass plant terrariums on the sills. Choose a variety of plants that thrive in sunlight and arrange them creatively inside the terrarium. This will not only add a beautiful touch to your windows but will also allow ample sunlight to nourish your plants.

15. Hanging Terrarium Mobiles for Nurseries

Create a soothing environment in your baby's nursery by incorporating glass plant terrariums as hanging mobiles. Hang a cluster of small terrariums, each with a different plant or small figurine. As the mobile gently sways with the air, it will provide a calming and visually stimulating display for your little one.

16. Terrariums on Fireplace Mantels

Turn your fireplace mantel into a botanical centerpiece by displaying glass plant terrariums. Choose a variety of sizes and heights to create a visually dynamic arrangement. Fill them with plants, moss, or even delicate flowers to create an enchanting display that complements the cozy and warm ambiance of your fireplace.

17. Terrarium Chandeliers for Captivating Lighting

Impress your guests by using glass plant terrariums to create captivating chandeliers. Hang terrariums at different lengths in a cluster and fill them with cascading vines or colorful flowers. As the light filters through the glass, it will create an enchanting ambience, transforming your space into a dreamy sanctuary.

18. Repurposed Fish Tanks as Terrariums

Give old fish tanks a new lease on life by transforming them into stunning glass plant terrariums. Clean the tank thoroughly, add a layer of drainage material, and fill it with potting soil. Arrange an assortment of plants, decorative elements, and even small figurines to create a captivating and unique terrarium display.

19. Terrariums with Fairy Lights

Inject a touch of magic into your glass plant terrariums by adding fairy lights. Carefully place tiny string lights within the terrarium, allowing them to softly illuminate the plant arrangement and create a whimsical glow. This ethereal display will make your terrarium a mesmerizing focal point, day and night.

20. Zen Gardens for Tranquil Retreats

Create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere by transforming glass plant terrariums into zen gardens. Use miniature sand rakes and arrange rocks, moss, and small plants in patterns that symbolize freshness, tranquility, and serenity. These mini retreats will bring a sense of calm and relaxation to any corner of your home.


Glass plant terrariums offer endless possibilities for decorating your home with greenery and natural beauty. From simple succulent gardens to whimsical fairy worlds or beach-inspired arrangements, you can let your creativity soar. Whether you want to create a peaceful retreat or a visually captivating display, these ideas will inspire you to incorporate glass plant terrariums into your home decor. Take a step closer to nature and let these enclosed gardens breathe life into your living spaces.


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