37 Terrarium decoration ideas that you can try


Terrariums, with their miniature ecosystems enclosed within glass containers, have become increasingly popular as decorative pieces. These enchanting displays allow us to bring a touch of nature into our homes or offices, even in the most urban of environments. Whether you're a plant enthusiast looking to expand your collection or a novice gardener interested in trying out a new hobby, this article will provide you with 37 terrarium decoration ideas that are sure to inspire you. From whimsical forest scenes to minimalist arrangements, there is sure to be something here for everyone to try.

1. Marvelous Mossy Wonderland

Moss is a staple in any terrarium, and you can create a whimsical wonderland with a variety of different moss species. Choose different textures and shades of green to create depth and interest within your terrarium.

2. Desert Oasis

Create a desert-inspired terrarium using a combination of cacti and succulents. Arrange them on a bed of sandy soil and add decorative rocks to mimic the arid landscape. This low-maintenance terrarium will bring a touch of the desert to your space.

3. Fairy Garden Fantasy

Turn your terrarium into a magical fairy garden by adding tiny figurines, fairy houses, and miniature furniture. Use small plants like baby's tears and ferns to create a lush and whimsical scene.

4. Hanging Air Plants

Terrariums don't always need to be displayed on a tabletop. Consider hanging a glass container filled with air plants from the ceiling or in front of a window. These low-maintenance plants will add a unique element to your decor.

5. Beachside Getaway

Bring the beach indoors with a coastal-themed terrarium. Fill a glass container with sand and seashells, then add succulents that resemble coral or driftwood for an oceanic touch. This terrarium will transport you to a seaside retreat.

6. Orchid Oasis

Create an elegant and sophisticated display by featuring a single orchid in a tall glass container. Choose a variety with long-lasting blooms and arrange it with a bed of moss or decorative stones for a stunning focal point.

7. Wild Jungle Adventure

Embrace the wild side with a terrarium that resembles a lush jungle. Use vibrant green plants with large leaves, such as ferns or calathea, to create a dense and tropical forest within your glass enclosure.

8. Zen Garden

Achieve a sense of tranquility with a zen-inspired terrarium. Arrange a collection of small succulents on a bed of sand or gravel, and add a miniature rake for a meditative touch. This minimalistic display will bring a sense of calm to any space.

9. Hanging Terrarium Chandelier

Create a show-stopping display by hanging multiple terrariums at varying heights to form a chandelier. Use a combination of plants, rocks, and other decorative elements to create an eye-catching centerpiece in any room.

10. Terrarium Terraces

Take your terrarium to new heights by creating multiple layers or terraces within a larger container. Place taller plants towards the back and smaller ones towards the front to create depth and dimension in your mini garden.

11. Magical Mushroom World

Add a touch of whimsy to your terrarium by including small decorative mushrooms. These can be crafted from clay or purchased from specialty terrarium supply stores. Combine them with moss or small ferns for an enchanted forest feel.

12. Vibrant Vertical Gardens

If you have limited horizontal space, consider creating a vertical terrarium garden. Attach glass containers to a wall or wooden frame and fill them with cascading plants like ivy or string of pearls. This vertical display will add a unique touch to your space.

13. Terrarium Tea Party

Combine two delightful hobbies by creating a terrarium tea party scene. Arrange miniature teacups, saucers, and a teapot within a glass container along with small plants and moss. This whimsical display is perfect for tea lovers and plant enthusiasts alike.

14. Floating Water Garden

For a unique twist, create a terrarium that features aquatic plants and fish. Use a glass container with a lid or choose a glass bowl to create a mini water garden. Add colorful fish and underwater plants for a mesmerizing display.

15. Air Plant Wreath

Create a stunning wreath using air plants and an embroidery hoop. Attach different varieties of air plants with floral wire, and hang your wreath on a wall or doorway. This living artwork will be a conversation starter.

16. Terrarium Territorial Dividers

Use terrariums as dividers to separate different areas within a larger space. Place tall, glass containers filled with lush plants on a shelf or table to create a natural visual barrier that also adds greenery and ambience.

17. Miniature Japanese Garden

Create a serene and peaceful terrarium inspired by Japanese Zen gardens. Use sand or fine gravel as a base and add carefully placed rocks, moss, and small bonsai trees. This minimalist design will evoke a sense of tranquility.

18. Terrarium Fairy Lights

Add a whimsical touch to your terrarium by incorporating fairy lights. Use battery-operated LED lights and place them inside the container to create a soft glow. This enchanting display will add a magical ambiance to any room.

19. Repurposed Glassware Terrariums

Give old glassware a new lease on life by transforming them into terrariums. Use glass jars, vases, or even light bulbs to create unique and eye-catching displays for your plants. The possibilities are endless with this creative approach.

20. Herb Kitchen Terrarium

Bring fresh herbs into your kitchen with a terrarium dedicated to culinary plants. Plant a variety of herbs such as basil, parsley, and thyme, and place your terrarium on a sunny windowsill for easy access when cooking.

21. Dino-Rama Terrarium

Tap into your inner child and create a terrarium that includes tiny dinosaur figurines. Pair succulents with small rocks and moss to create a prehistoric landscape reminiscent of the Jurassic era.

22. Forest Nook

Create a cozy nook within your terrarium by placing a small bench or chair alongside your plants. This miniature seating area will add charm and whimsy to your display, allowing you to imagine yourself in a secret garden.

23. Terrarium Necklace

Wear your love for terrariums with a necklace that contains a mini glass container filled with plants. Use a small corked bottle or glass locket to create a wearable terrarium that brings nature with you wherever you go.

24. Colorful Geometric Terrariums

Bring a modern touch to your terrariums by choosing geometric-shaped containers in vibrant colors. Fill them with a variety of colorful plants and rocks for a contemporary and eye-catching display.

25. Terrarium Terrasse Cafe

Create a tiny cafe scene within your terrarium by adding miniature tables and chairs. Use tiny succulents or moss to create a lush and inviting atmosphere, perfect for an imaginary coffee break.

26. Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Fascinate your guests with a terrarium that houses carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps or pitcher plants. These intriguing plants will surely spark conversations and add excitement to your collection.

27. Woodland Terrarium

Recreate a serene woodland scene within your glass container. Arrange small tree-like plants, along with mushrooms, rocks, and moss, for a tranquil and realistic forest atmosphere.

28. Vintage Terrariums

Find unique vintage glass containers, such as antique bell jars or apothecary jars, to create elegant terrariums with a touch of history. Place your favorite plants within them to showcase their beauty in an unconventional way.

29. Butterfly Haven

Invite nature's pollinators into your space by including flowers and host plants that attract butterflies. Use a glass container with a mesh lid or allow for an opening for the butterflies to access the terrarium, creating a miniature butterfly sanctuary.

30. Desert Chandelier

For a breathtaking display, create a chandelier terrarium using air plants, sand, and twigs. Hang your chandelier in a well-lit area, and watch as the shadows play on the walls, evoking a desert sunset.

31. Bottle Terrariums

Upcycle old glass bottles into terrariums by cutting off the top or using a glass cutter to create an opening. Place small succulents or moss within them and display them as individual pieces or as a group for a cohesive look.

32. Terrarium, Go Wild!

Design a wild terrarium with carnivorous plants like Nepenthes or Sundews. Create a bog-like environment with a mix of sphagnum moss and carnivorous plant-specific soil to replicate their natural habitat.

33. Upcycled Terrariums

Give new life to old items by using them as containers for your terrariums. Teapots, coffee pots, or even lightbulbs can be transformed into unique and charming terrariums.

34. Zen Terrarium Fountain

Combine the calming sound of flowing water with the serenity of a zen terrarium. Add a small water feature, such as a tabletop fountain or a circulating pump, to bring sound and movement to your mini oasis.

35. Forest Vineyard

Create your own miniature vineyard by incorporating trailing plants like ivy or pothos into your terrarium. Arrange small grapevine branches and decorative grapes for a whimsical vineyard-inspired display.

36. Terrarium Wall Art

Instead of hanging pictures, create a living work of art by arranging a collection of small terrariums on a wall. Choose different sizes and styles to create a visually interesting and captivating display.

37. Up in the Clouds

Create a dreamy terrarium that resembles floating in the clouds. Use delicate white flowers, such as baby's breath or orchids, to create a soft and ethereal display that transports you to a heavenly realm.

With these 37 terrarium decoration ideas, you are sure to find inspiration for your next mini-garden project. Remember to choose plants and elements that work well together and consider the maintenance requirements of each terrarium. From enchanting forest scenes to minimalist designs, the possibilities are endless. So, let your creativity run wild and bring the beauty of nature into your space with a captivating terrarium display.


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