45 Quick and Easy Easter Decorations You Can Make Today



Easter is a time of joy and celebration, and what better way to embrace the spirit of the season than by creating your own festive decorations? With a little bit of creativity and some simple materials, you can make beautiful Easter decorations that will add a lovely touch to your home. In this article, we will explore 45 quick and easy DIY Easter decoration ideas that you can make today. From cute bunny crafts to colorful wreaths, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

1. Adorable Bunny Garland:

Add a whimsical touch to your Easter celebration by creating an adorable bunny garland. Cut out bunny shapes from colored cardstock, then attach them to a string or ribbon using mini clothespins. Hang the garland above your fireplace or on a wall to instantly create a festive atmosphere.

2. Vibrant Egg Tree Centerpiece:

Create a stunning centerpiece by making a vibrant egg tree. Take a small branch or twig and place it in a vase. Then, paint some plastic or wooden eggs in various vibrant colors. Attach the eggs to the branch using floral wire or hot glue. Display the egg tree on your dining table or a sideboard for a festive touch.

3. Easter Bunny Wreath:

Welcome your guests with a charming Easter bunny wreath on your front door. Start by purchasing a plain grapevine wreath, then use colorful ribbons to create a bow at the top. Next, attach a small stuffed bunny or a bunny-shaped cutout to the wreath using wire or hot glue. Hang the wreath on your door for a warm Easter welcome.

4. Eggshell Planters:

Repurpose eggshells and turn them into adorable mini planters. Carefully crack the top of an egg, empty it, and wash the shell thoroughly. Paint the shells in pastel colors and fill them with soil. Plant small succulents or herbs in the shells and arrange them in an egg carton. These mini planters will make a delightful addition to your Easter table or windowsill.

5. Festive Mason Jar Candle Holders:

Add a soft and warm glow to your Easter dinner table with festive Mason jar candle holders. Take empty Mason jars and paint them in delicate pastel hues. Wrap twine or ribbon around the neck of the jars and tie a bow. Place a votive candle inside each jar and light them up. These charming candle holders will create a cozy ambiance for your Easter gathering.

6. Spring-inspired Table Runner:

Bring the beauty of spring indoors by making a spring-inspired table runner. Take a plain white or pastel-colored fabric and sew or glue on fabric flowers and leaves. You can also add some butterflies or bumblebees for an extra touch of whimsy. Place the table runner on your dining table to instantly brighten up the space.

7. Bunny Ear Napkin Rings:

Make your Easter table setting extra special with bunny ear napkin rings. Cut out bunny ear shapes from colored felt or cardstock and glue them to plain napkin rings. Add a small cotton ball at the base of each ear to mimic a bunny tail. Your guests will adore these charming napkin holders.

8. Easter Egg Bouquet:

Create a captivating Easter egg bouquet that will be the highlight of your decor. Start by blowing out raw eggs and carefully dye them in various colors. Once the eggs are dry, attach a small piece of floral wire to the top of each one. Arrange the eggs in a vase, intertwining the wires to create an enchanting bouquet.

9. Paper Carrot Decorations:

Make a bunch of paper carrots to hang around your home. Cut out carrot shapes from orange construction paper, then roll them up and secure with tape. Cut out green construction paper stems and attach them to the top of the carrots. Hang these cute paper carrots from your ceiling or on a garland for a festive touch.

10. Bunny Silhouette Art:

Create bunny silhouette art to display in your home during the Easter season. Take a piece of cardstock or canvas and paint it in a soft pastel shade. Draw a simple bunny silhouette on the painted surface using a black marker or paint. Frame the artwork and hang it on a wall or place it on a mantel for a charming Easter touch.

11. Cheery Easter Bunting:

Brighten up any space with a cheery Easter bunting. Cut out large egg shapes from colored cardstock, then attach them to a string or ribbon using glue or small clothespins. Hang the bunting across your fireplace or above a doorway to instantly add an Easter vibe to your home.

12. Chick-themed Flower Pots:

Give your potted plants an Easter makeover by creating chick-themed flower pots. Paint small terra cotta pots in bright yellow and orange shades. Attach googly eyes, a small orange triangle for the beak, and feathers to the back of the pot to create a fluffy chick. These adorable pots will bring a smile to your face every time you water your plants.

13. Easter Egg Wreath:

Make a stunning Easter egg wreath for your front door using plastic or wooden eggs. Paint the eggs in various vibrant colors and attach them to a foam or wire wreath form using hot glue. Add some faux flowers or greenery between the eggs for an extra touch of spring beauty. Hang this festive wreath on your door to welcome guests to your Easter celebration.

14. Egg Carton Spring Chicks:

Transform empty egg cartons into cute spring chicks. Cut out individual egg cups from the carton, leaving two attached flaps at the top to form the chick's wings. Paint the cups yellow and attach googly eyes, a small orange triangle for the beak, and feather details. These adorable chicks can be used as decorations or even as crayon holders for the kids.

15. Pastel Egg Place Cards:

Add a special touch to your Easter table by making personalized pastel egg place cards. Color hard-boiled eggs using food coloring or dye. Once dry, carefully write each guest's name on an egg using a fine-point permanent marker. Place the eggs on egg cups or small nests at each place setting for a unique and festive seating arrangement.

16. Easter Bunny Treat Jars:

Create Easter bunny treat jars to fill with goodies for your guests or loved ones. Take small glass jars with lids and paint the lids in pastel colors. Attach googly eyes, a pink pom-pom for the nose, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers to resemble bunnies. Fill the jars with candy or small toys for a delightful Easter surprise.

17. Colorful Ribbon Eggs:

Make beautiful and unique Easter eggs using colorful ribbons. Boil and dye the eggs in a light pastel shade, then carefully wrap individual ribbons around the eggs, securing them with small dots of glue. Choose ribbons with different textures, widths, and patterns to add variety. These ribbon eggs will be a show-stopping addition to your Easter decor.

18. Springtime Window Display:

Decorate your windows with a cheerful springtime display. Cut out flower and butterfly shapes from colored cardstock or fabric and attach them to clear fishing line or string. Hang the strings from the top of your window frame, allowing the shapes to hang down at different lengths. Your window will instantly brighten up with a burst of color and whimsy.

19. Easter Bunny Flower Pot:

Turn a terra cotta flower pot into an adorable Easter bunny. Paint the pot white and allow it to dry completely. Attach googly eyes, a pink pom-pom for the nose, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers to resemble a bunny's face. Fill the pot with soil and plant your favorite spring flowers to complete the look. This charming bunny pot will add a festive touch to any garden.

20. Eggshell Candles:

Repurpose eggshells and make beautiful eggshell candles for your Easter centerpiece. Carefully empty and wash the eggshells, then pour melted wax into each one. Place a small candlewick in the wax before it hardens. Once the wax has set, trim the wicks and arrange the eggshell candles in a candle holder or on a decorative tray. Light them up to create a warm and cozy Easter atmosphere.

21. Floral Easter Eggs:

Create elegant and sophisticated Easter eggs using pressed flowers. Dye hard-boiled eggs in subtle pastel colors, then carefully apply small pieces of pressed flowers onto the eggs. Use clear-drying glue to secure them in place. The result will be stunning floral Easter eggs that will impress your guests and make charming decorations.

22. Spring Wreath with Fresh Flowers:

Make a beautiful spring wreath using fresh flowers for a natural and fragrant Easter decoration. Purchase a foam or grapevine wreath form and attach a variety of fresh flowers and greenery using floral wire or hot glue. Choose flowers like daisies, tulips, and baby's breath for a colorful and whimsical look. Hang this fragrant wreath on your door or use it as a centerpiece on your table.

23. Egg-shaped Easter Door Hanger:

Create a unique and eye-catching Easter door hanger by crafting an egg-shaped wreath. Use a bendable wire or coat hanger to form the shape of an egg. Wrap colorful yarn, ribbon, or fabric around the wire until it is completely covered. Attach small ornaments, flowers, or bows to the front of the egg using hot glue. Hang this festive door hanger on your front door to welcome guests.

24. Easter Bunny Mason Jars:

Transform ordinary Mason jars into charming Easter bunny containers. Paint the jars in pastel colors, then attach googly eyes, a pink pom-pom for the nose, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers. These adorable bunny jars can be used as gift containers or as decorative storage for small Easter treats and candies.

25. Festive Easter Placemats:

Add a festive touch to your Easter table setting by making colorful placemats. Purchase plain fabric placemats or use fabric transfers to create Easter-themed designs. You can also sew or glue on fabric flowers, Easter eggs, or bunnies. These vibrant placemats will instantly elevate your table decor and make your guests feel like they're dining in a spring garden.

26. Bunny Face Clay Pots:

Transform small clay pots into cute bunny faces by painting them in light pastel colors. Attach googly eyes, a small pink pom-pom for the nose, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers. Fill each pot with soil and plant small flowers or herbs. These adorable pots can be used as table centerpieces or given as gifts to your loved ones.

27. Easter Egg Topiary:

Make a statement with an Easter egg topiary as a centerpiece or a decorative focal point. Stack foam or plastic eggs on a styrofoam cone or a foam ball using hot glue. Dye the eggs in various pastel colors to create a stunning visual effect. Embellish the topiary with flowers, ribbon, or decorative picks for an extra touch of elegance and charm.

28. Bunny-shaped Napkins:

Impress your guests with bunny-shaped napkins that will add a fun and festive element to your Easter table. Fold square fabric napkins into bunny shapes by following a simple folding pattern. Place each bunny-shaped napkin on top of a plate or in a wine glass to give your table setting an adorable and creative twist.

29. Easter Egg Garland:

Create a colorful Easter egg garland as a fun and vibrant decoration for your home. Cut out egg shapes from colored cardstock or foam, then punch holes near the top of each egg. Thread a string or ribbon through the holes, connecting the eggs to form a garland. Hang the garland on your mantel, staircase railing, or across windows to welcome the season.

30. Bunny Ear Headbands:

Make adorable bunny ear headbands for the little ones (or the young at heart!) to wear during Easter celebrations. Cut out bunny ear shapes from colored felt or fabric and attach them to a headband or a hairclip using glue or stitching. Embellish the ears with ribbon, flowers, or sequins for an extra touch of Easter charm. These headbands will make everyone feel festive and cute.


With these 30 quick and easy Easter decoration ideas, there's no shortage of ways to make your home festive and inviting for the holiday. Whether you're looking to create charming bunny-themed crafts, vibrant egg decorations, or whimsical floral arrangements, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Get creative, gather your friends and family, and have fun transforming your space into an Easter wonderland. Let your imagination run wild and celebrate the joy of the season with these delightful DIY Easter decorations you can make today!


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