A fire burned a giant Christmas tree, causing more than 300,000 losses


The case of burning a giant Christmas tree at Suning Plaza in Wuhu City, which has attracted much attention, was heard publicly in the People's Court of Jinghu District, Wuhu City on the morning of July 25. The victim of the case filed a criminal incidental civil lawsuit. The Jinghu District People's Procuratorate accused the defendant Wang Moumou of drinking alcohol on different occasions from the evening of December 24, 2017 to the early morning of the next day. At about 3 o'clock on December 25, the defendant Wang Moumou left alone from a hot pot restaurant on Huaxing Street when he was drunk, intending to cross Zhonghe Road along Huaxing Street and return to the Santai Building where he lived. Before the Christmas tree was burned, Wang Moumou used a black plastic lighter to ignite the giant Christmas tree in the open space at the entrance of Suning Plaza when he was passing Suning Plaza at the intersection of Zhonghe Road and Huaxing Street, causing the giant Christmas tree to be completely burned. Part of the screen was damaged by the burning of the Christmas tree, and the defendant Wang XX returned to the Santai Building where he lived after lighting the Christmas tree. In the afternoon of the same day, the defendant Wang Moumou was arrested and brought to justice by the public security organ. The iron frame of the burnt Christmas tree After appraisal, the value of the burned Christmas tree was 185,000 yuan, and the value of the damaged LED screen was 137,800 yuan. The People's Procuratorate of Jinghu District believes that the behavior of the defendant Wang Moumou is suspected of the crime of intentionally destroying property, and the amount is huge, so he should be investigated for criminal responsibility. The defendant Wang Moumou pleaded guilty in court. The collegial panel tried the criminal incidental civil part together, and announced the public sentencing at an optional date..

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