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What kind of trees are Christmas trees, and when did they start to take on this sacred duty? Who is the real Christmas tree? After searching all the information, it seems that there is only one palm tree that is directly related to Jesus.—There is a legend that the Virgin Mary, who was pregnant in October, went out for a walk one day and stopped under a palm tree to rest her feet. The palm tree gently surrounded the Virgin with its branches and leaves, keeping the cold wind out. jesus is here“green curtain”born in. However, because the "Bible" clearly records that Jesus was born in a stable, this legend can only be regarded as a rumor. Regardless of whether it is true or false, this Christmas tree legend is logically reasonable. First of all, there are many palm trees in the Middle East, but it is really rare to encounter one or two pine trees; It is also a shelter from the wind and rain. However, the difference between the legendary birthplace and the classic is too obvious, so it should be regarded as a wild history of hearsay. In fact, the Christmas tree did not appear in the Christmas scene until more than 1,500 years after the birth of Jesus (in the sixteenth century AD). In the beginning, there was no practical use, it was used to enhance the festive atmosphere. Based on the principle of thrift, a monk cut down a small tree, and hung cakes, red fruits and candles on it, so that the children in the vicinity had a happy Christmas. Later, people imitated each other, and the pendants on the tree became bell stalls, snowflakes, small gifts and colored lights. Since it is an entertainment prop, there are not many types of restrictions. According to local conditions, pine trees and fir trees can be used. These trees were chosen simply because they remain green in severe winter (needles or leaf shapes and the wax on the outside of the needles help them escape the cold and drought in winter) and appear full of vitality. Plus, the tapered canopy is great for decoration, almost as a shelf for Christmas presents. It doesn't matter if you want to understand it this way, in fact, the pine and fir trees are just shaped to avoid being beaten by snow and strong winds. The spruce that wasn't a fir was moved back, and the presents were hung up. If you wake up the next day and find that all the leaves have fallen, wouldn't it be a shame. Some fir trees, such as hemlock, lose their leaves much faster than a person loses hair. Once the author was collecting specimens in the wild, and it was very late when I returned to my place of residence. I decided to process the hemlock specimens the next day, but when I woke up the next morning, I found that the lush branches had turned into litter. Relatively speaking, the members of the genera Abies and Picea“solid hair”The work is done better, and it can keep green, suitable for long-term decoration. It can even be used for the next year, as long as there is enough storage space. At present, commercially grown Christmas trees are mainly fir plants (including silver fir and Canadian fir). through Christmas. The difference in appearance between pine and fir Although they are called firs, they are not members of the fir family, but members of the pinaceae family. They must have been named because of their thick and short needles, which are not as slender as those of pine trees.“fir”name. In fact, the difference between pine and fir lies not in the length and thickness of the leaves, but in their cones. Although they are called fruit, neither pine nor fir have real fruit. They are all gymnosperms, which means that their seeds are all exposed. As for those collectively referred to as“pine cones”things, but the seeds and their scale-like coating—It's just a small ball made up of seed scales and bud scales. Regardless of whether it is pine or fir, each seed has two layers of coating that are close to the seed scale and the outer bract scale. However, the scales of pinaceae plants are relatively large, while the bract scales of fir plants are relatively large, which has become the characteristic that distinguishes pines and fir plants. By the way, the cypresses, which are as famous as pine and fir, are even more special. Their seed scales and bract scales are simply healed together, and they become the most easily identifiable type of gymnosperms.


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