A story about a Christmas tree

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A Christmas tree floating in the sea. The tree takes root, sprouts, and gradually grows, and the leaves will gradually form heart-shaped fruits. If someone is sad and heartbroken, the fruit will split in two and fall into the sea. There is a fish with two legs that feeds on broken fruit, and its broken heart turns into scales. When the fish grows up, it will leave the tree and swim far away. Without the nourishment of the fruit, they just kept swimming and swimming until they were exhausted and died. After the fish died, the scales on its body fell off one by one, and it turned into a broken heart again, sprinkled all over the sea, and floated to land. If one picks them up and takes good care of them, they become whole again, and one eats them with gratitude and happiness. The tree floats on the sea all the year round, the fishes surround the tree all the year round, people meet, love each other, hurt each other, the fruit withers, the fish grow up, and the heartbroken people spend their lives looking for the lost beauty. This is the story of the Christmas tree. It's just a story.


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