Activities and Ways of Folk Celebrating Christmas

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“Christmas”This name is considered to be the first to be adopted in South China, which was the first to accept Christian culture in the Greater China region. Among all Chinese and ethnic Chinese societies, the proportion of Christians in Hong Kong, Macau and overseas Chinese is relatively high. In Taiwan, Christmas coincides with Constitution Day on the same day. Taiwan also advocated“Christmas”Should do“christmas”, because the majority of Taiwan's population is Buddhist and Taoist believers, not Christians. In fact, non-Christians in mainland China have never had the habit of celebrating Christmas. After the reform and opening up, as the society introduced popular culture from Europe and the United States, many shopping malls hoped to“Christmas”To promote business opportunities and encourage people to shop Christmas customs are numerous, including secular, religious, national, Christmas-related, and vary greatly from country to country. The Christmas symbols and activities that most people are familiar with, such as Christmas tree, Christmas ham, Yule log, holly, mistletoe and gift-giving, were all absorbed by Christian missionaries from the early Asatru pagan winter solstice holiday Yule. The celebration of the winter solstice was widespread in northern Europe long before Christianity arrived there, and the word Christmas is still the pagan jul (or yule) in Scandinavian today. Christmas trees are believed to have first appeared in Germany.


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