Analysis of PVC Christmas tree special materials

Author:Guanmei Glass Art-Glass Decoration Suppliers

1. Sampling We take the special Christmas tree materials that users are using as samples. When sampling, ensure that it is absolutely clean and cannot be polluted by any impurities. 2. Sample analysis 2. 1. Sample performance analysis Put the sample into a heated small two-roller open mill for mastication, and after plasticizing evenly, the sheet will be produced according to a certain thickness, and then put into the rubber vulcanizer for heating, Pressurize and hold for a certain period of time, take out the sample after cooling, and test the physical and mechanical properties according to relevant standards. 2.2. Analysis of the color of the sample We use the accumulated swatches as a reference for coloring, and compare them with the swatches of Christmas tree special materials, trying to find a swatch with a similar color, but there is none. After looking up some information, there is no similar color, so we can only rely on experience to judge which color to use. After careful observation of the samples, it can be concluded that the samples are composed of three colors: green, yellow and black, with green as the main color.


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