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Poinsettia is an honorary title in the flower world. It happens to open around Christmas each year, and Westerners call it“Christmas flower”. Our people call it“Lao Lai Jiao”,“orangutan wood”. Euphorbiaceae deciduous woody. The leaves are violin-shaped, the branches are very long, and each branch blooms a flower. Like the rhododendron, the flower it blooms is not composed of petals, but is replaced by more than 10 bracts, forming a scattered flower bud. The round green stamens in the middle of it are the real flowers. It usually blooms from November to March of the next year, often decorating the surrounding space and time with bright red and green, as beautiful as Danxia. The reason why the poinsettia is called the Christmas flower is not only that its flowering period coincides with Christmas, but also has something to do with the legend of its origin in Mexico. The local residents think that the poinsettia is like the dazzling starlight emitted by the city of Gabriel, the birthplace of Jesus. Full of the meaning of jubilation of all peoples and universal celebration, it is regarded as“pisces constellation”lucky flower. This annual Christmas in the West is as lively as the Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival. It is said that this day, December 25, is the birthday of Jesus, and Christians all over the world will come to commemorate him together. People not only tied poinsettias into garlands and hung them by the door, but also placed tall pines and cypresses as Christmas trees in the middle of the hall, hung with ribbons, copper bells and lights, and everyone sat around it, talking and laughing, singing and dancing, many young men and women They also gave each other gifts, smoked and roasted turkeys as a family, and overeat. The children also jumped for joy together with the adults, dreaming that the white-cheeked, smiling Santa Claus in red robes would bring candies, toys and other gifts to the home with the big burden on his back. During this festival, people spend money and go shopping, making the market suddenly booming. Since my country's reform and opening up, many Chinese people have accepted the customs of foreigners and celebrated foreign festivals.


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