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In this era of increasing concern for the environment, if you want to cut down trees on the mountain just for this Christmas, how can you bear it? In view of the needs of the society, most manufacturers have begun to produce a kind of Christmas tree called a simulated Christmas tree. Based on people's needs for Christmas, what are the characteristics of simulated Christmas trees? 1. The artificial Christmas tree has good visual effects and ornamental value, and is not limited by environmental and climatic conditions. It is evergreen in all seasons, windproof and sand-fixing. 2. The simulated Christmas tree has the characteristics of no watering, no fallen leaves, no management costs, no need for artificial cultivation, saving manpower, material resources and other costs. 3. The simulated Christmas tree is usually attached with anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and color-fixing agents, which have the functions of anti-strong wind, snow pressure, aging, high temperature resistance, and extreme cold. It can guarantee that the effect will not change for five years, and it will be evergreen in all seasons. 4. During the manufacturing process of the simulated Christmas tree, the climate characteristics are fully considered. It has been tested to be safe and sound under the wind force of 20.74 m/s (the high point of natural wind force 8). It is not afraid of wind, sun, rain, snow pressure, lightning strike, flame retardant and other properties. This is why some people always want to buy artificial Christmas trees, which not only have the effect of beautifying the environment but also promote the festive atmosphere. Many advantages make artificial Christmas trees occupy an unshakable position in the Christmas ornament industry. Guangzhou Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ornaments. Welcome to come buy.


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