Both supply and demand sides have made preparations in advance for this year's Christmas purchasing season


As a seasonal product, Christmas products can only be sold before Christmas, and cannot be sold once the season is over. The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in the past two years, the instability of the shipping market and other factors led to a serious imbalance between supply and demand. Because the shipping cycle was unstable, some Christmas items failed to arrive in Hong Kong on time, resulting in unsalable products. However, the supplier finished the production of the goods early and piled them up in the warehouse and could not send them out. This situation caused both the supply and demand sides to be overwhelmed. In order to avoid the recurrence of the situation last year, many foreign merchants chose to purchase Christmas items in advance. Only by purchasing in advance can the goods be delivered in time. The manufacturer also said that it started to prepare materials last year, and the quotations were all prepared a year ago, and it began to receive orders 1-2 months earlier than last year. This year, not only did the orders for the Christmas season come ahead of schedule, but the cost of raw materials and freight for Christmas items also increased. The cost of some Christmas items mainly composed of plastic and cloth has generally increased by about 30% this year. Then, after the accumulation of experience in the past two years, foreign trade suppliers can only seek stability, try to avoid the situation in the previous two years, prepare raw materials well, and facilitate timely adjustments. Therefore, under the unstable environment of the global shipping market, the production and procurement of Christmas items have started ahead of schedule..

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