Can India steal the U.S. market for Chinese Christmas products?


According to data released by the Indian government, in the fiscal year ended March this year, India's Christmas decoration exports increased by more than 54% compared with fiscal year 2020, while handicraft exports increased by about 32% during the same period. Crowded into the top five suppliers of Christmas ornaments and T-shirts to the United States. Bloomberg advocated, "Many people believe that India has the potential to become the 'next China'". So, does India really have the ability to replace China as the main supplier of the US Christmas market? the answer is negative. Every July to September is the busiest time for Chinese Christmas manufacturers. 80% of the world's Christmas products are produced in China. However, with the impact of the global supply chain, the cost of raw materials and labor for Christmas products has risen, and some countries have also begun to shift their import targets to markets other than China, such as India, which has lower labor costs. U.S. official data shows that the total amount of Christmas products shipped to the country in August 2022 will be about 20 million U.S. dollars, an increase of about three times compared with the same period last year. Specifically, Indian products surpassed the Philippines and successfully entered the top 5 in the United States. In fact, China still dominates the export of Christmas decorations. About 80% of the world's Christmas products are produced in China. The export volume of Christmas products in Yiwu, China alone reached 250 million US dollars from January to July this year. This industrial advantage is unmatched by India. Although Bloomberg advertises that "India has the potential to become the 'next China'", the reality is that India's data is still difficult to compare with China. Faced with such a big gap, how could India "rob" China's business? As for wanting to become the "next China", India may need to make more efforts to develop its economy..

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