China: Christmas belongs to the young

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“ I plan to go to the bar on Christmas Eve, many friends go, we spend Christmas together.”Said the 23-year-old female college student. She also prepared small gifts for her friends——A fine purse, which she had wrapped in paper and ribbon. In China, Christmas is a festival for young people. In front of universities in Shanghai and Beijing, there are always people standing there selling Christmas cards. An ordinary greeting card costs 1 yuan a piece, and a fancy music greeting card costs 3.5 yuan a piece. The buyers are all college students or young people. They don't know anything about Christianity, but love to send cards when Christmas comes.“I’ve been sending Christmas cards to best friends since middle school.”Zhong Xiaojun (transliteration), a college student who studies foreign languages, said. the“My parents have no interest in Christmas at all.”Zheng Mei said. For most Chinese, Christmas is just a Western thing that appears in Hollywood movies.“I think the atmosphere of Christmas is light and joyful.“She also attended mass at a church on Christmas Eve two years ago, but she was not interested in religion.”I just want to experience what Christmas is like.”Christmas is undoubtedly very important to China's manufacturing industry. Cell phones, digital cameras and DVD players appearing under Christmas trees around the world this Christmas, mostly“made in China”. Two-thirds of the Christmas toys sold worldwide are made in China, most of them from the Pearl River Delta in southern China.


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