Chinese and Western ways of celebrating Christmas

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In China, as long as it is a festival, people will always gather together to celebrate. This is also a Chinese tradition. Relatives and friends, men, women and children, everyone gathers together to send blessings to each other. Regarding Christmas, let us see how Western countries celebrate it of. Europeans and Americans also attach great importance to the whole family sitting under the Christmas tree and having a festive meal together during Christmas. The custom of eating turkey for Christmas dinner began in 1620. This custom flourishes in the United States. The British Christmas dinner is roast goose, not turkey. Australians love Christmas Eve. The whole family gathers relatives and friends to go to restaurants in groups to have a Christmas dinner. Among them, turkey, cured chicken, roasted cowboy and pork leg are indispensable, accompanied by Famous wine, everyone eats happily. Of course, in addition to gathering together to eat and drink, people have many other celebrations, which are also a favorite way for young people----entertainment gatherings. Weekly Christmas parties and dances. Some organizations also have Christmas parades, which sometimes include the Nativity story. Some groups will also have open-air singing activities, such as visiting neighbors to sing Christmas carols. Some people want to use the holidays to draw attention to human connection, to engage in special volunteer work, or to raise money for a charity.


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