Chinese celebrate Christmas, foreigners celebrate Spring Festival

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With the rapid development of China's economy, the continuous improvement of its international status, and the increasing influence of Chinese in American society, the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, is receiving more and more attention from mainstream American society. reporter in“Golden Dragon Parade”At the scene of the parade, we saw that not only were there many white, black and Hispanic families with old and young children in the audience, but also faces from people of other ethnicities abounded in the performance team of the parade. Mr. Jin from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, which is in charge of organizing this year's parade, told the International Herald Tribune that in recent years“Golden Dragon Parade”At least half of the performers and audience are from outside the Chinese community. It has gradually become a public holiday. In recent years, every Lunar New Year, from the president to the local elected officials in areas with a large number of Chinese populations, will use different occasions to extend New Year blessings to the Chinese community and pay tribute to Chinese Americans who have made important contributions to American society. Americans know little about the Spring Festival. Americans who love to join in the fun like to watch parades and set off fireworks, and naturally they will not miss the opportunity of the Spring Festival. David has been learning Chinese martial arts for five years, and this year is the time to show his skills.“Golden Dragon Parade”——During the annual celebration of the Chinese New Year in Los Angeles, USA, he performed his own martial arts project. On February 25 local time, nearly 100,000 American spectators watched this grand event in Chinatown, a traditional Chinese settlement in the city center. Attention of the mainstream society“The United States is a society where different cultures blend together, and the annual Chinese New Year has become another common festival for people of all ethnicities in Los Angeles to gather and celebrate.”David told the International Herald Tribune. During the jubilant parade, Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa and other local officials sat on floats and waved frequently to people of Chinese and other ethnicities on both sides of the street, congratulating them on the New Year in simple Chinese.


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