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According to a survey, one-third of the citizens in major cities in mainland China will celebrate Christmas in various forms. As a country where Christian beliefs are not very common, the Chinese people's Christmas obsession can be classified as fanatical, even for local festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival and the Double Ninth Festival. The status of Christmas in Western culture is similar to our Spring Festival. The holiday usually starts from December 24th to January 6th of the following year. It is the biggest festival of the year. During this period, people will hold various activities such as Christmas parties, good news, and carols, such as setting off firecrackers during the Spring Festival, and visiting relatives. By this standard, Chinese Christmas is a complete knockoff, and I am afraid that many of those who celebrate are unaware of the important story of the birth of the Doge in a manger in Bethlehem. The American "Yale Global Online" magazine's evaluation of Chinese-style Christmas is: it is more like a mixture of Carnival, New Year's Eve and Halloween. In their view, Christmas in China is completely a shopping carnival. Before Christmas comes, all kinds of promotional advertisements about Christmas are overwhelming. Although Christmas is not an official holiday, intellectuals and young hipster urbanites find it a good time to indulge. Christmas Eve revelry has become a tradition, they exchange Christmas greetings, arrange gatherings with friends, and millions of text messages and emails clog China's telecommunications network. In short, Christmas is an excellent time for telecom operators, retailers, theaters and other businesses to make a lot of money. One point in particular is that most hipsters who celebrate the holiday have only a vague idea of ​​the religious meaning of Christmas. Random interviews with Beijingers show that many see it as“santa claus day”. Most Chinese celebrate Christmas only as a novelty, enjoying the exchange of gifts and the universal message of peace. As for the red socks and other content that should be included in the authentic Christmas, they cannot be seen in China. 70% of people who celebrate Christmas in China are under the age of 38, which means it is a festival for young people. The reason is that the Spring Festival, the most important festival in China, emphasizes family reunion and respect for elders as if performing a ritual. In the eyes of the younger generation born in the 80s and 90s, it is a bit too old-fashioned and boring. On the other hand, imported Christmas is more free and casual. Anyway, not many people really understand the meaning of this festival and the authentic way to celebrate it, so no matter how you celebrate it, it is correct, and it is a festival that you can interpret at will. However, Americans are amazed that about 80% of the world's Christmas toys and decorations are produced in the three coastal provinces of China, and then exported through the International Trade Fair in Yiwu, Zhejiang. Yiwu exports about US$1 billion worth of Christmas items every year. The Chinese monopolize the global supply of Christmas goods, which cannot but be said to be a wonderful irony.


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