Christmas and food

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How can festivals be without food? Whether in the West or the East, food is always a topic that people talk about, and the food about festivals is even more mouth-watering. So what kind of food will people prepare for Christmas? ? The oldest Christmas custom is held“Christmas drinking cup”, toast each other to congratulate each other to symbolize health and completeness. Usually, this congratulatory cup is as big as a cauldron. The hot wine in the cup is a mixture of apple juice, brandy, ale, and spices.“burning elm branches”to keep warm; there is a kind of mellow five-flavored wine called“Lamb's wool”, is prepared with ale, baked apples, granulated sugar or honey, meringue foam, and toasted bread. Today's Christmas pudding is derived from the traditional Christmas food milk porridge and dried fruit pudding. Therefore, although the ingredients of Christmas pudding do not contain plums, it is also called dried fruit pudding and has become a new member of Christmas dishes. Traditionally, whenever Advent comes, every family member will make a Christmas pudding together, which symbolizes unity and harmony, and when everyone stirs the dough, they will silently make a wish, and finally hide it in the dough. A coin, fortunately Chi Yuan Jiang Na Si drag moraine lucky emblem, 甑 twilight sleep gas. Another Christmas food is the mince pie, shaped like a stable model, and put a baby Jesus made of dough. The traditional mince pie is filled with meat sauce, and today's sweet fruit is used as the filling.


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