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Christmas, the most revered and widely celebrated holiday in the West, recalls the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem. Christians believe that Christ is the only son of God and the highest gift God gave to the world. All those who use the Gregorian calendar begin the era on the birthday of Jesus Christ. A.D. (ANNODOMINI) means to count from the year of Jesus' birth, and events before his birth are recorded in B.C. (BEFORECHRIST). Because Americans have different cultural backgrounds, they commemorate Christmas in different ways. Common activities include church ceremonies, family reunions, enjoying music, attending dance parties, sending greeting cards and distributing gifts. Christians who share the love of Christ give to family, loved ones, friends, the poor and the homeless at this time. This gift-giving holiday also includes the fabled Santa Claus. He spends the year making toys for children in his workshop at the North Pole. On Christmas Eve, he rode a sleigh to the roofs of houses, slid into the house along the roofs, and put gifts on the Christmas tree or in the children's stockings. In addition to the Christmas tree, there are evergreen trees, various colored paper, reindeer, Christmas flowers, first-class flowers and other decorations for this festival. A traditional Christmas meal includes turkey, wild geese, raisin pudding and fruitcake. Decorating the environment with holly and mistletoe at Christmas is another traditional custom of Western people. Americans often use holly branches to weave a wreath and hang on the gate, or put a few holly branches on the dining table. It is said that green can exorcise evil spirits, and the bright red fruits and green leaves of holly really make people feel a breath of spring in the cold winter months. To add to the splendor of Christmas, there are also delicious Christmas cakes. People often make Christmas cakes novel and beautiful. topped with cream or jam”Merry Christmas”The words, surrounded by special Christmas candles. The candles are small in shape, only three or four inches long, but they are made of exquisite materials, colorful, and some are made into spirals.


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