Christmas greetings

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Everyone is familiar with Christmas. In addition to the traditional Christmas tree and Santa Claus, in this era of advanced communication, people will send holiday blessings to relatives and friends in every festival, and Christmas also has Christmas blessings. Christmas is here, think about it, I have nothing for you, and I don’t plan to give you too much, I only give you 50 million: Be happy! Be healthy! Be safe! Be content! Don’t forget Me! It's not only on such days that I will think of you, but on such days that I can harass you openly and tell you, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy every day! On special days, may happiness, wishful thinking, joy, flowers, and all good wishes be with you. Merry Christmas! I will send you a coat on Christmas Eve. The front is peace, and the back is happiness. Auspiciousness is the collar, wishful thinking is the sleeve, happiness is the button, and the pocket is full of warmth. Put it on and let it accompany you every day! I heard that you are going to have an egg tomorrow, is it true? Then I have to wish you an egg Merry (Christmas)! Your egg will be full moon again in a few days, so I wish you a round egg (New Year's Day) happy in advance! With the fluttering mood flying to your side, a beautiful Christmas Eve for you and me! I let the blessing of love turn into pieces of crystal snowflakes, kiss your cheeks, and melt into your heart. Merry Christmas to you, my dear! When the bell rings, I'm yours. Don't get me wrong, it's not the wedding bells, it's the Christmas bells and I'm the one you owe the gift to! Hi! How are you still here! Do you know how important you are? Without you, who Take Santa Claus to give everyone presents! Hehe, Merry Christmas! I dreamed that I would give you a gift to Santa Claus last night, but he said: The person who is reading text messages is too lazy to wash socks, and he hasn’t worn socks for a long time! Gift Where are you putting it? Quickly take off your socks and give them to me. I want to be Santa Claus and give you my best wishes. Be good, don’t be too moved, Merry Christmas. The dazzling lights on the Christmas tree are my prayers for your safe life; the melodious bells on Christmas Eve are my blessings for your happy life.


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