Christmas in Chinese eyes

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When it comes to Christmas, the first thing that people think of is Santa Claus, not only his kind appearance is attractive, but also because he can bring people presents. Of course, Christmas trees are indispensable in Christmas, just like fireworks are indispensable on Chinese New Year’s Eve, adding to the festive atmosphere. If there is no Christmas tree in Western Christmas, I wonder if this kind of Christmas will be like a dish without salt? The legend of Santa Claus appeared in Scandinavia thousands of years ago. In Norse mythology, Odin, the god of wisdom, art, poetry, and war, rides on his eight-legged horse mount and gallops around the ends of the world in the cold winter, punishing evil and promoting good, and distributing gifts. At the same time, his son Thor, dressed in red and using lightning as a weapon, fought fiercely with the gods of ice and snow in the dark, and finally defeated the cold. According to pagan legends, Santa Claus is a descendant of the god Odin. There are also legends that Santa Claus was created by St.·Nicholas came, so Santa Claus is also called St. Nicholas. Because most of these stories promote the spirit of Christ, their origins and plots are mostly forgotten, but Santa Claus is always in people's spiritual world. Every year on Christmas Day, Santa Claus rides on the constellation of Aries, and the holy child comes to the world with a Christmas tree in his hand. As the world changes, writers and artists begin to describe Santa Claus as the image we are familiar with today, wearing red clothes and white beard. At the same time, different countries and cultures have different interpretations of Santa Claus. In Germany, it is said that he dressed up as a holy boy and put nuts and apples in children's shoes. He roamed around in a chariot, observing the behavior of people, especially children, and if he behaved well, he would be rewarded with apples, nuts, candy and many other prizes. Bad boys get a whip. Parents have adopted this legend to encourage children to be obedient. It has greatly surpassed the New Year and has become a national holiday. Santa Claus has become the most beloved symbol and tradition of Christmas. The image of the happy old elf driving reindeer and pulling a sleigh full of toys and gifts from door to door to give gifts to every child has been deeply etched in people's memory.


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