Christmas in Finland and Romania

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In Finland, before Christmas, every household cleans the house and prepares the Christmas feast in the kitchen. Cedar trees were felled, tied to sledges, and brought home for decoration. Grains, nuts, and seeds were tied to poles in the garden, and it was a dinner party for the birds. Many farmers wait until after the birds have had their dinner before starting their own Christmas dinner. Carol singing is an important part of Romanian folklore. Romanian hymns are not only religious songs, but also a wide window from which people may step on the white snow to the evergreen heaven in a certain year, and they can see God with their own eyes, at least from a distance. One glance, giving people the strength to overcome difficulties in life. Carol singers walked the streets of villages and towns, singing with stars made of wood and paper with nativity scenes painted in watercolors. Five days before Christmas, pigs were killed with sharp knives. This custom is called“Ignatius”, from the name of Saint Ignatius (held on December 20). People insert straw into the nose of the pig and cover the pig with burning straw to burn it. The pig is then washed and covered with a cloth for 10 minutes. The housewife burned the pig with incense, and then the husband made a cross on the pig's head and said:“Let's eat it!”After the pig is cut open, a feast is held called“pig burial banquet”or“donation banquet”, all family members are friendly and harmonious at the banquet, and neighbors will also come to attend.


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