christmas in western countries

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Many countries have preserved their own customs and legends about Santa Claus. In Dutch legend, Santa Claus Sintirklass arrives on December 6th in a ship with a helper named Black Peter. He has a big book with him that describes how all the Dutch kids have been doing for the past year. Children who behave well will be given gifts, and those who behave badly will be taken away by his assistants. Santa Claus in Germany also takes an assistant called Knecht Ruprecht, Krampus or Pelzebock, carrying a large bag with gifts on his shoulders and holding a stick in his hand. Good children can receive his gifts, but naughty children have to be taught a few sticks. Santa Claus in Italy is called La Befana; Santa Claus in France is called Father Christmas or Pere Noel; Santa Claus in Switzerland is called Christkindl or Christ Child; Santa Claus in Scandinavia is called julenisse or juletomte; France is also called Father Christmas (Christmas Father), and his image is more solemn and thinner than other Santa Clauses. Santa Claus in North America delivers gifts to children on a sleigh pulled by reindeer.


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