Christmas is coming, teach you how to DIY Christmas gift box

Author:Guanmei Glass Art-Glass Decoration Suppliers

It will be Christmas soon, the children's favorite holiday, because this day is full of joy, and there are many gifts to receive and delicious candies. As parents, in order to let the children have a happy and unforgettable Christmas, they are very careful preparations. Christmas gatherings are a regular event. Isn’t it a good idea to prepare some cute toys and surprises for many children? Every tree hides a small gift, isn’t it very surprising and beautiful? The basic key is to make small trees one by one, just make copies of the small trees one by one. The butler of the tree is cutting. There is a line draft that gives the outline on the picture. You draw it first and then cut it out. Fold the mark and paste it. For numbers, it is best to type directly if there is a stamp, if not, write it yourself. Materials needed: green cardboard, scissors, ruler, paintbrush, highlighter, glue and a lot of small gifts.


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