Christmas Jokes

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The thief and the judge It was Christmas and the judge was in a benevolent mood as he questioned the prisoner."What are you charged with?" he asked."Doing my christmas shopping early," replied the defender."that''s no offense," replied the judge,"How early were you doing this shopping?"the"Before the store opened," countered the prisoner. The judge and the thief It was Christmas, and the judge had a little compassion when interrogating the prisoner.“What are you being sued for?”he asks. the“Shopping for Christmas items is premature.”The defendant answered. the“It's not a crime,”The judge replied,“How early do you shop?”Before the store opened,“The prisoner responded. Jesus''s Telly A child on Christmas time asked for some paper and crayons in order to draw a crib. Eventually the artistic masterpiece was displayed for parental approval. The manager, the shepherds, Jesus and Holy Family wore duly admired."But what''s that in the corner?" asked Mother."Oh, that''s their telly," replied the tot. Jesus' TV At Christmas, the child asked for paper and crayons and wanted to draw a nativity. In the end the artwork was put on display for parents to appreciate. They expressed their appreciation for the manger where Jesus slept after birth, the shepherds, Jesus and his family one by one. the“But what's in that corner?”Mom asked. the“Oh, that's their TV,”replied the child. What does Santa Claus like to do in his garden? Answer: he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe What does Santa Claus like to do in his garden? Answer: Hoe the ground. (In English, Hoe and ho have the same pronunciation. hoe means weeding, and ho means Santa Claus’s laughter.) On Christmas Eve Santa Claus met an honest politician and a kind lawyer while riding up in an elevator of a very exclusive hotel. Just before the doors opened the three of them noticed a 1000NT bill lying on the floor. Which one of them do you think picked it up? Answer: Santa of course! Why? Because everybody knows that the other two don’t exist! On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus, a clean politician, and a kind-hearted lawyer were waiting for the elevator in a high-end hotel. Before the door opened, the three saw a NT$1,000 bill on the ground at the same time. , guess who will pick it up? Answer: Santa Claus, of course! Why? Because everyone knows that the other two don't exist.


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