Christmas Luck of the Zodiac

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Red Christmas in Aries Aries on Christmas Eve will be the head of crazy and funny. It’s fine to hold back normally, but in the name of the festival, you don’t need to carefully plan how to celebrate grandly, just be lively. Break into the pub and drink to your heart's content, go to the dance hall to revel in the swing, or go to the ktv to grab the microphone and scream! The music is fast-paced, and the tavern is full of fun. Don’t forget to invite the group to change partners beforehand, otherwise you won’t be able to find anyone, who will you play with alone? Santa is not available! The people of Aries always dress up habitually at Christmas. No matter in various times and places, they all hope to be noticed by everyone without making a sound. Therefore, a lively party occasion that requires strong visual effects is a very suitable haunt for Aries. But beware of too much alcohol, let the elaborate dress and people gaffe along. Lucky things: colored glasses, leather jacket. Leather green Christmas for Taurus It doesn’t matter for Taurus people to live frugally, because the stomach of Taurus is for festivals! Step up to expand the Belly Legion and have a Christmas dinner! Don't be afraid to spend a lot of money if you love to eat, tasting delicious food is the greatest joy of living for Taurus! From five-star dinners to night market food stalls, to Christmas Eve parties, Christmas Eve is where there is food! lose weight? The more fat, the more achievement! Suggesting new ways to spend Christmas to a Taurus can hardly go beyond Christmas dinner. After all, Taurus people have always had higher requirements for sensory quality than others. So if this is the case, then simply set the table at home. The whole family chooses a cookbook within their ability, and provides a meal prepared by themselves. Make sure the whole family is happy, and let the Taurus experience the pain and pleasure of cooking with their own hands. The next time you eat, you won't be picky. Lucky things: family photos, lavender. Gemini's colorful Christmas Gemini is probably the busiest person on Christmas. On the one hand, they have to spend the holidays with their families, on the other hand, they have to party with friends, and they also have to attend the dinner party of the company colleagues. Therefore, what needs to be suggested is the appropriate Christmas schedule, not the way to spend Christmas. It is best to remember to leave a little time as a buffer in the middle of each program, so as not to accidentally offend others when you are in a hurry. Lucky objects: keys, shoe polish. Cancer's Silver Christmas Cook by yourself, invite a few friends, and cook Christmas dinner together. Enjoy your warm breath! You are the best listener, and Christmas Eve will inevitably become the emotional trash of friends without a partner, but you are willing to enjoy it. Make some desserts for the occasion by yourself, such as gingerbread houses, etc. It doesn’t matter if you are not good at technology, anyway, you can sit on the toilet and listen to music if you have diarrhea. Christmas in Cancer is very suitable for being as warm as a log cabin with a stove in the snow. They may appear on the surface as if they don't care about the festival at all, but they will still unconsciously prepare two extra dishes and a pot of warm soup. And he will definitely make the home warm, because it will make Cancer people feel safe. Therefore, the most suitable Christmas for crabs is to stay at home and collect things. Lucky items: Wool blanket, pet turtle. A golden Christmas for Leo Get your act together, not just on Christmas Eve, you're born to be the center of attention, celebrate the holidays as grandly as possible; spend money and have fun. Don't worry about running out of money. Of course, this kind of joyful Christmas Eve will only be enjoyable if you play all night. A place where you can swipe your card is a good place to spend Christmas Eve. After swiping the card, Santa Claus turned pale and asked to go home. Yes, you are the Santa Claus in the world! The generous and good man in fairy tales, let's do it for you! Leo loves to join in the fun and refuses to admit defeat, which often makes him come up with novel and strange ideas. What they usually care about is that there must be many people at the destination, and the content of the program must not be conventional. So they are perfect for going to the zoo or museum at Christmas, or just living the holiday life like normal people. After everyone started to live a normal holiday life, he started to think about being funny again, such as holding a birthday party and so on……Lucky item: child, fluffy scarf. Virgo’s White Christmas For a meticulous Virgo, Christmas Eve is a night of indulgence, you can change from Enya to Madonna! The rigorous style of the weekdays, this night can be omitted. Since everyone wants to have activities on Christmas Eve, and they can justifiably recruit troops, then let’s do a Christmas cleaning.“carnival”Friends, prepare more brooms! Virgos don't like too noisy environments, no matter whether they celebrate the festival or not. In the past, the way to celebrate the festival was nothing more than watching TV at home, or gathering with friends to grind their teeth. Therefore, in order to meet the simple needs of Virgos, you might as well organize a family outdoor gathering on Christmas Day, maybe a picnic or barbecue, which can not only go out for a walk but also connect with family members. It is a very good choice for Virgo men and women who are afraid of trouble. Lucky items: tea bags, long-haired dogs. Light yellow Christmas for Libra Libras are easy-going and like to spend Christmas with a group of people. They don't place too much emphasis on material things, but they attach great importance to friends and life sentiment. Many friends want to spend the holidays with you because of your friendship, what should you do when faced with so many Christmas invitations? It is recommended to hold a party by yourself, which can not only invite friends from all over the world, but also have fun with all the people in one night, and collect tickets, and send some Christmas money by the way! During the festival, Libra can't bear to be alone. Whether it's a lover, family member or friend, it's best to have someone around you anyway. Therefore, one of the hosts of the Christmas banquet becomes the most suitable status for Libra on Christmas Eve. But it must be a joint banquet, because singing a one-man show has never been Libra's specialty. Lucky item: Microphone, Diana Rose. Scorpio's Black Christmas Scorpio is a lone ranger, with a little aloofness, and doesn't like to crowd into lively places. The world is getting worse, and Christmas Eve has become the night of cheating. It is recommended that you rely on your unique sense of smell.“search for evidence”The secret agent work can satisfy your curiosity and give yourself an extra secret weapon. After the festival, everyone will dare not mess with you! No matter what festival the people of Scorpio celebrate, what they want is either a blurred and mysterious atmosphere, or fiery radiance. In order to meet such needs, it is almost necessary to have occasions of the opposite sex. So if you are a single scorpion, it is recommended to go to a party with a strong theme, such as a private party or a pub with popular music; if you are with a partner, find a secret place to flirt! Lucky items: heavy locomotives, cologne. Purple Christmas in Sagittarius Sagittarius can play Santa Claus on Christmas Eve (yes dad, not old dad), which can be funny and give play to your comedic genius. Prepare for some funny shows on Christmas Eve full of joy. Have you seen street performers? Take a bento box and put it at the door of the department store. Don’t worry about ending up like a little girl selling matches. Even if you sell lighters, the ending will end with a hilarious ending! Nothing attracts a Sagittarius more than travel and adventure. Many shooters are used to arranging long-distance travel plans between Christmas and New Year's Day. In addition to the fact that this period is a good time to enjoy the winter scenery of various places, there are fewer tourists in tourist attractions. However, with the rising trend of travel and holidays in Europe and the United States, if you want to travel far, remember to make arrangements in advance, so as not to be hard to find a ticket or hotel room at that time. Lucky objects: rucksack, osmanthus petals. Capricorn's dark blue Christmas Christmas Eve is a good day to take off the serious clothes and change your mind. The atmosphere is romantic and everything makes you tempted. Who said that the conservative and serious Capricorns are more reluctant to let go? I just don't want to show off casually! It is best for Capricorns to go to the mountains to see the night view on Christmas Eve. It is not all for romance, the night view does not cost money! It's not all about saving money. Seeing that the hungry people in Africa have nothing to eat, how can they bear to eat and drink? For Capricorns, Christmas is the best opportunity to visit department stores. Whether it's the year-end auction or the Christmas sale, you can take advantage of this time to indulge your shopping addiction. When you get tired of swiping the card, your legs feel weak when you pick up the goods, and then have a delicious afternoon tea to comfort yourself, all the strength to work hard next year will come back. In the evening, check out the day's loot, show it off to your friends, and get a good night's sleep. What could be more perfect than a Christmas like this? Lucky objects: lottery tickets, tropical fish. Orange Christmas for Aquarius The quirky Aquarius will never let go of any holiday that can be relaxed, let alone such an important festival as Christmas. In this festival, Aquarius will find the most Christmas-like restaurant to have a full meal, and then find a most Christmas-style pub to play until late at night. More energetic Aquarians can choose to plan a funny Christmas party night by themselves, and let their creativity fully display on this night. Lucky objects: vases, telephones. Pink and Purple Christmas for Pisces Pisces is suitable to serve as the good news on Christmas Eve, comforting all those who need comfort. You'd better carry an oversized bag full of food and drinks, and go to the beach to feed seabirds and fish. The pure and kind-hearted Pisces is often moved by sad and beautiful stories. You often think that if the little match girl met you earlier, she wouldn't starve to death! Not only church members can participate in the good news activities and Christmas services in many churches, it is a very good place for Pisces fish. Because the church around Christmas is as warm and lively as the Chinese New Year. Whether immersed in the peace and joy of religion, or the cordial greetings of the whole church family, the sentimental Pisces will not feel lonely in it, and because of this, they will know many church brothers and sisters who are like family members. Lucky things: cross, perfume lily.


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