Christmas market looks at foreign consumption trends

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France: online and offline“Busy at the market”Christmas and New Year have always been two important festivals in France.“battleground”. This year's French Christmas market, in addition to the continuation of the past in the bustling areas of major cities“Set up a stall to go to the market”In addition to the tradition, online shopping on the Internet has gradually become a new fashion“go to market”Way. According to the data released by FEVARD, a professional online shopping research company, dragged down by the economic crisis, French traditional purchasing power has been hovering at a low level, but online shopping has become the only consumption area where purchasing power has not shown any signs of decline. South Korea: Consumption Enthusiasm Rekindled Affected by factors such as the slowdown in South Korea’s economic growth rate and heavy household debts this year, the Korean people are more cautious in their consumption. The Korean retail industry is also inevitably affected by it. The year-on-year growth rate is expected to be only 3.8%. . However, with the advent of traditional shopping seasons such as Christmas and New Year, Korean people's enthusiasm for consumption has been rekindled, and merchants also hope to seize the last opportunity to do everything possible to improve sales performance. United States: Shopping Season“low tide”According to a report released by SpendingPulse, a US market research organization, which tracks the sales of best-selling items in the shopping season, sales in the two months before Christmas increased by 0.7% year-on-year, while most analysts had expected retail sales to increase during the shopping season. 3% to 4%. U.S. consumers hit by hurricanes this year, says report“sandy”, the presidential election, the Connecticut elementary school shooting,“Budget crisis”Affected by other events, the willingness to consume has decreased. According to the reporter's understanding from market observers here, compared with the same period in previous years, the major shopping places this year have indeed become much deserted. Singapore: Festival consumption is still booming. But this has not affected the holiday shopping willingness of Singaporean people. During the recent weekends and rest days, major shopping malls and shopping centers in Singapore were overcrowded, and there was an endless flow of people buying holiday gifts and various items. All merchants are also doing their best to promote sales and launch various products to stimulate festival consumption. In particular, Orchard Road, a famous commercial street in Singapore, is full of crowds of people, shopping, shopping, leisure, and sightseeing. There is a sea of ​​people everywhere. The parking spaces are full. There are long queues, and the gift packing place is even more lively. People are willing to pack their gifts to increase the festive atmosphere. There is no shadow of economic depression at all here, and the prosperity and prosperity of the festival economy have made almost all businesses earn a lot of money. Russia: Greeting the New Year is not stingy. The New Year is the most important festival for the Russian people. In the context of the global economic downturn, the festive atmosphere in Russia has not been chilled. According to the "2013 Holiday Arrangement" announced by the Russian government, the New Year holiday starts from December 30 to January 8. For Russian residents, the 10-day New Year holiday is a good time for gathering, leisure and consumption.


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