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Christmas Tree Christmas Tree It is said that the Christmas tree first appeared on the Saturnalia in mid-December in ancient Rome, and the German missionary Nicholas used a vertical tree to worship the Holy Child in the 8th century AD. Subsequently, the Germans took December 24th as the festival of Adam and Eve, and put a symbol of the Garden of Eden at home.“paradise tree”, hanging a small cookie representing the sanctuary, symbolizing atonement; and lighting candles, symbolizing Christ. In the 16th century, Martin Luther, a religious reformer, designed to arrange a Christmas tree with candles in his home in order to obtain a starry Christmas night. Santa Claus Santa Claus originally refers to Nicholas, the bishop of Asia Minor in the 4th century AD, who was famous for his kindness and generosity in helping the poor. In the 6th century, the East honored him as St. Nicholas. Because the folk legends about Nicholas are all related to children and gifts, since then, Santa Claus has become the image of a kind old man who specially delivers gifts to children at Christmas. In the 18th century, through literature and painting, Santa Claus gradually became the image of an old man with a white beard and white eyebrows in a red coat. Christmas Card Christmas Card The world's first Christmas card was proposed by Sir Henry Gaulle in 1843 and designed by John Karl Horsley. The card depicts three generations of an aristocratic family toasting to an absent relative or friend. At that time, he printed 1,000 sheets, and the unused printing house sold them at a price of 1 shilling each. And so the Christmas card was born. Christmas Songs Christmas song repertoire is constantly enriched, we are most familiar with"Jingle Bell", which are also loved by European and American countries: Adeste Fidelis, Angles We Have Heard On High, Angels Watching Over Me, A Child Is Born, Silent Night....... A1 and Destiny who are active in today's music scene's Child, Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Gloria Estefan and other music superstars also contributed, and many new Christmas songs came out. Christmas Gift Christmas Gift According to the "Bible", saints from the East gave gifts when Jesus was born, which is the origin of the custom of Santa Claus giving gifts to children. British children put their stockings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, believing that Santa Claus will come down from the chimney at night and bring them gifts full of socks. French children put their shoes at the door, so that when the Holy Child comes, they will put gifts in the shoes. Christmas Dinner Just like Chinese people eat New Year's Eve dinner during the Spring Festival, Europeans and Americans also attach great importance to family reunion during Christmas, sitting around under the Christmas tree and having a festive meal together. The custom of eating turkey for Christmas dinner began in 1620. The roasting process of turkey is complicated, and the delicious and long-lasting taste makes McDull children salivate. This custom flourishes in the United States. The British Christmas dinner is roast goose, not turkey. Australians love Christmas Eve. The whole family gathers relatives and friends to go to restaurants in groups to have a Christmas dinner. Among them, turkey, cured chicken, roasted cowboy and pork leg are indispensable, accompanied by Famous wine, everyone eats happily.


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