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When it comes to Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The origin of Christmas trees can be traced back hundreds of years. It is said that it first appeared in Germany, and around 1830, the custom of decorating Christmas trees was brought to the eastern coast of the United States by German immigrants. Since then, the Christmas tree has become an essential decoration for Americans to celebrate Christmas. But the origin of the Christmas tree, there are many beautiful legends. One is about a poor kid who was homeless, cold and hungry on a snowy Christmas Eve. But he was lucky enough to meet a kind farmer who took him home and let him spend a happy Christmas Eve by the fire. Before leaving, the grateful child broke off a section of fir branch and stuck it on the ground. The fir branch immediately turned into a small fir tree. The child blessed the peasants and said:“From now on, every year on this day, gifts will be hung on the branches, and this beautiful fir tree will be left behind to repay your kindness.”Legends like these add beautiful colors to the Christmas tree. Every Christmas, people will hang gifts, colorful flowers and colored lights on small fir trees or small pine trees (the traditional habit is to hang candles, but later, in order to avoid fire, they are replaced with colored lights), and there is also a big tree on the top of the tree. star. Originally, these decorations were symbolic. The candles on the tree symbolized that Jesus was the light of the world, and the big star on the top of the tree represented the star that led the three wise men of the East to Bethlehem after Jesus was born. When the colored lights are lit, the Christmas tree is radiant and extraordinarily charming. At this time, the adults will stand aside to admire the Christmas tree, and the children will dance and dance around the Christmas tree hand in hand. Sometimes playing games, the family blindfolded and took turns to draw the lottery in front of the Christmas tree to get their own gifts. In Christmas, apart from the Christmas tree is a must, people can't forget the amiable Santa Claus. There are images of Santa Claus everywhere in public places and on New Year's cards. Sometimes at home, one person pretends to be Santa Claus and distributes gifts to everyone. In people's imagination, Santa Claus has a silver-white beard and wears a red coat trimmed with white fur. His always cheerful look, I really don't know how much joy it adds to the Christmas atmosphere.


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