Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

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Christmas tree decoration secrets The general order of arrangement should be to assemble the Christmas tree, hang Christmas lights, non-combustible cotton, tinsel, cotton yarn and Christmas ornaments. In terms of fixing the ornaments, try to use metal wires to fix the Christmas ornaments so as not to fall off; as for the lighting, when arranging the Christmas light strings, the light strings should be fixed on the Christmas tree from top to bottom, equidistant with metal wires, and then the plugs should be fixed on the Christmas tree The bottom of the backbone. If you want to place the Christmas tree outside, you may have to strengthen the base to prevent the Christmas tree from being blown by strong winds. What kind of decoration should be used to shorten the distance between family members? Here is a suggestion for you, you can hang the photos of your family this year on the treetops, and share the life course of this year with your family at the end of the year. Tips from Santa Claus: You can also use local materials, use potted plants at home, and decorate a unique Christmas tree with your thoughts that will surely wow friends and family. Golden cypress, silver star cypress, and bluebird cypress are all good choices, and you can also try large and medium-sized potted plants such as pothos with taller palm columns.


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