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In the Manger Square in Bethlehem, the holy city of Palestine, a huge Christmas tree 15 meters high and 5 tons in weight, decorated with colorful Christmas ornaments, is particularly eye-catching under the radiance of colored lights. This is the largest Christmas tree in Bethlehem over the years, and it is the first Christmas tree from China. The assembled Christmas tree and all the decorations came from Zhejiang, China, and were donated by Nicola Ganwati, a Bethlehem native doing business in China. Bethlehem Mayor Victor Batalsa initially hoped to use the big cedar tree in front of the Church of the Nativity as the Christmas tree, but later accepted Ganwati's idea to bring a taller Christmas tree to Bethlehem to highlight the Christmas atmosphere. Pakistani Prime Minister Fayyad lit up the Chinese Christmas tree a week ago. In recent years, the Ganwati family has donated to Bethlehem Christmas Eve decorations many times to add Christmas atmosphere to their hometown and attract tourists to drive the tourism industry in their hometown. The number of Christians in Israel has increased by 4 times compared with the founding of the country. At present, it is about 152,000, accounting for 2% of the total population. Eighty percent of them are Arabs. It is the only country in the Middle East where Christians are increasing. Not as lively as western countries. Half of Bethlehem's population is Christian, and it is the largest tourist destination in the Ba area. As the violence eased, the Christmas atmosphere has become stronger in recent years, and several new hotels have been built in the past year. According to Pakistani officials, there are currently 120,000 tourists in Pakistan, an increase of 30% over last year. About 50,000 believers and tourists flocked to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. Nearly 30 hotels in the mountain city were full. Manger Square is decorated with Christmas lights, Pakistani flags and portraits of Arafat. The Boy Scouts Bagpipes and Drums Parade kicked off the Christmas Eve festivities, with crowds singing hymns around the Christmas tree and holding cultural activities such as concerts. Many Muslims also come to the square to cheer for Christmas. The bishop of Jerusalem, Trevor, is a Palestinian-Jordanian. He came to preside over Christmas Eve Mass, led priests and monks in white robes into the Church of the Nativity, and led Christians to pray for peace in the Middle East and Israel and Palestine. Under the drizzle, the brightly lit and smoky Bethlehem is like a palace in a fairy mountain. Bethlehem is only 8 kilometers away from Jerusalem. The Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the police arrange a free bus shuttle to Bethlehem. Palestine and Israel jointly promote Christmas tourism. The 8-meter-high separation wall and heavily fortified outposts are a reminder of the grim reality. Mayor Batalsa said he hoped next year's Christmas Eve celebrations would be held in the independent State of Palestine. Pope Benedict XVI called for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and an end to the bloodshed in Syria at the Vatican on Christmas. All believers and tourists in Bethlehem pray for peace and safety, which is also the common prayer of people all over the world on Christmas Eve.


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