Christmas tree made of plastic bottles

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Christmas in the West is approaching, and beautiful Christmas trees of various colors are beginning to decorate the streets of Chengdu, Sichuan. A giant Christmas tree under construction on Wanda Plaza Pedestrian Street, Chengren Road, Second Ring Road surprised many citizens:“Why are they all made of beverage bottles?” The branches of this Christmas tree are made of steel, and the leaves are made of wooden boards covered with green beverage bottles. Strings of colored lights are decorated on the green leaves, which is very eye-catching. The entire Christmas tree has 8 floors, a total height of 26 meters, and uses 120,000 empty beverage bottles. He and 10 workers worked hard for 12 days to glue all the beverage bottles to the wooden boards, and now they are in the installation stage of the wooden boards. It is estimated that in 6 days, citizens will be able to see a green Christmas tree with twinkling lights. The Christmas tree cost more than 100,000 yuan, and it was 8 meters taller than the previous Christmas tree they built in Chongqing.


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