Christmas trees are divided into three categories according to the material


In Christmas, there are various kinds of Christmas trees everywhere. We always think that they are very complicated. In fact, according to the materials, there are only three types of them: PVC Christmas trees, PET pine needle Christmas trees, and PE Christmas trees. PVC Christmas tree is a very common Christmas tree material, and it is also a common type of Christmas tree that can be placed at home or indoors. PVC Christmas trees are lighter in material and have the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, and heat-resistant, but their pressure resistance is not good. Great, it is easy to be deformed under pressure after hanging lights and decorations, so Christmas trees of this kind of material are often regarded as "one-time" products, which are often only used for Christmas and will not be kept for the next year Even if it is preserved in the second year, it will be deformed, but the advantage is that the price is low, and it will not be a burden to replace it every year. The biggest advantage of PET pine needle Christmas tree PET material is safety, good pressure resistance, not easy to deform, and good hygiene and safety performance. The general shape is made by imitating pine trees. The pine needles are strong and can be used as large and medium-sized Christmas trees. A Christmas tree will appear very full and can hang various types of decorations, but its disadvantages are also obvious: the pine needle leaves are slender and pointed, and they are easy to pierce if accidentally touched. PE Christmas tree The quality of the Christmas tree made of PE material is the best. The leaves are integrally formed by a mold. The shape is lifelike and the compression resistance is very good. High-end places can be recycled..

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