Christmas trees from China unaffected by logger shortage


A message from the French media said: The French Natural Christmas Tree Association issued an alert that there is currently a shortage of Christmas tree loggers, and the "situation is critical". French, you may wish to consider Christmas trees from China. Oh. According to a French European Radio 1 report on the 9th, although there are still more than two months before Christmas, the shortage of loggers has made the industry feel unprecedented pressure. The French Natural Christmas Tree Association recently issued an alert saying that the Christmas tree felling season will start in early November, but there is currently a shortage of manpower and the "situation is critical." Christmas tree loggers in France are seasonal workers, and many are hoping for a pay rise this year due to high inflation. The vice chairman of the association said that Christmas tree suppliers have announced that they will provide remuneration higher than the legal minimum wage in addition to housing and commuter vehicles. However, the gap in the number of workers in many places is much higher than in previous years, and it has become an "impossible task" to recruit enough staff. According to reports, the logging industry is now facing the same problems as the restaurant and hotel industries, and employees in these industries have been undervalued all year round. The new crown pneumonia epidemic and rising prices have caused many people to decide to leave their jobs or turn their attention to easier and more "money-worthy" jobs. Since the felling of natural Christmas trees has been affected by manpower shortages, why not consider artificial Christmas trees? Some time ago, the topic of environmental protection in France was constantly rushing to the hot searches. First, Paris star Mbappe’s remarks were questioned, and then the policy of shortening the time for Christmas lights on the Champs Elysees was introduced. In the current situation, it is really necessary to consider the imitation Christmas tree from China. The use of plastic simulated Christmas trees can greatly reduce the felling of natural Christmas trees, which is conducive to protecting the ecological environment, and they are cheap and can be recycled. Why not do it?.

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