Classification of Christmas trees

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1. Natural Christmas tree Abies (Abies), the needle-shaped leaves of this species are not easy to fall off after drying, and the color and smell are also good, but other species can also be used. Generally, the common ones in northern Europe are: silver fir, white fir, Caucasus fir, Liengshan, Wei spruce, Sylvia spruce and so on. 2. Artificial Christmas tree (1) Classified by raw material PVC leaf Christmas tree Advantages: cheap. The disadvantage is that it is easy to hurt people. Advantages of pine needle Christmas tree: The whole tree looks fuller, has better compression resistance, and is not easy to deform. Advantages of PE leaf Christmas tree: safe, not easy to deform under pressure; Disadvantage: higher price. (2) According to the lighting classification, Christmas tree wrapped around lights: refers to ordinary trees with a series of lights wrapped around them. There are usually 50~100 lamp heads in a string. It features: sufficient brightness, not limited by tree type, and low price. LED light Christmas tree: refers to the Christmas tree wrapped with LED lights on ordinary trees. Its features: cold light, energy-saving, and diverse shapes of lamp holders. Optical fiber Christmas tree: refers to adding optical fiber to an ordinary tree. Its characteristics are: cold light, the color changes like changing with the wind. (3) Classify low-grade Christmas trees by grade: Low-grade Christmas trees are made of imitation materials, with low production costs and poor material quality. Mid-range Christmas tree: a Christmas tree with moderate material quality, production cost, quality and price. Luxury Christmas tree: An ordinary Christmas tree over 6 meters, you can add your favorite decorations, lights, ornaments, little angels, etc. at will. (4) Binding trees according to structure: Christmas tree leaves are bound to Christmas tree branches by binding, pasting, etc. Automatic tree: Christmas tree branches and leaves are fixed on the Christmas tree trunk by metal clips, clips, etc. Hanging tree: The branches and leaves of the Christmas tree are fixed on the trunk of the Christmas tree by hanging upside down and hanging. (5) Classified by color: red, white, pink, brown, purple, etc., red Christmas tree symbolizes fiery passion; (6) Classification by shape: the shape can be designed according to your own preferences, such as Christmas trees made of Christmas flowers, Christmas trees made of beer bottles, etc. (7) Classification by place: Indoor Christmas trees: Ming Christmas trees, ordinary Christmas trees, etc. are indoor Christmas trees. Outdoor Christmas trees: Milan leaf Christmas trees, outdoor Christmas trees, etc. are outdoor Christmas trees.


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