Color matching of PVC Christmas tree

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1. Preparation of color chips When color matching, the amount of pigment added is very small, and if the pigment is used directly, the error is large and the dispersion is poor, which may affect the final result of color matching. Three kinds of pigments, phthalocyanine green, special yellow and carbon black, are respectively added to the tested base materials to make a color chip with 1} color concentration, so that the error is extremely small and the dispersion is good. When preparing color chips, it is necessary to ensure the absolute accuracy of pigments and materials, and to ensure the cleanliness of equipment and containers. When adding pigments, add them slowly, pass through the materials three to five times, and adjust them into 0.5mm pieces. After cooling, put them into clean containers for later use. Weigh a certain amount of material and put it into the heated two-roller mill to make it plasticized. Convert the amount of phthalocyanine green, special yellow, and carbon black into the amount of color chips added, and then add color chips in proportion. After adding the color chip, carefully observe the effect after adding the color chip, look at the trend of the color change, and change the concentration of the pigment accordingly. Through observation, we found that the yellow is darker, the black is heavier, and the green is lighter. That is to say, re-feed, increase the amount of phthalocyanine green, and reduce the amount of special yellow and carbon black until the color difference is small. At this time, phthalocyanine green 11 abalone, special yellow 36.5g, and carbon black 46g. 3. Comparison of samples and adjustment of their colors Put the samples into a rubber vulcanizer to heat, pressurize and keep for a certain period of time. After cooling, compare the samples and find that the samples are slightly yellow and slightly black. Incompleteness and improper location will affect the color matching effect. The comparison can only be made after the samples are completely cooled. The thickness of the samples should be basically the same, and the surface finish should be similar, otherwise the color matching results will be different from the actual ones. Avoid staring at the eyes for a long time to prevent eye fatigue and affect the observation effect. 4. Replication of the sample Add the colors of phthalocyanine blue, special yellow, and carbon black to the substrate formula and put it into production. After pressing the produced product, compare it with the sample. It is found that the color of the special material for Christmas tree produced matches the color of the special material for Christmas tree used by the user. The physical and mechanical properties of this material were tested, which met the requirements of the standard, and its heat resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, and migration resistance also met the requirements of users. After a small amount of products are used by users, it is concluded that the processing performance of the material is good and the color is the same. We then organize mass production. The samples and samples of this material shall be sealed and kept properly for future use.


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