Common sense of Christmas in various countries

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In the place of Segers in the middle of France, there will be heavy snowfall every few days before and after Christmas every year. The snow is white and refreshing. In the eyes of Westerners, white Christmas is a kind of auspiciousness. In France, the manger is the most distinctive Christmas symbol, because it is said that Jesus was born beside the manger. After people sing Christmas carols praising Jesus, they must drink to their hearts' content. Champagne and brandy are traditional Christmas wines in France. In Finland, around Christmas in December, the mountains and plains are full of blooming violets, hidden on the white ground, looking a piece of purple, purple Christmas makes people feel refreshed. The British and Germans, like the Germans, drink beer and eat roast goose at Christmas. They prefer to use the Christmas holiday to travel. Americans focus on family arrangements during Christmas, placing Christmas trees, stuffing socks with gifts, eating turkey-based Christmas dishes, and holding family dances. Four weeks before Christmas, the Swiss light four huge candles and put them in a ring decorated with tree branches. They light one candle a week, and when the fourth candle is lit, Christmas will come. Danish people can go to the store to exchange other products with similar prices for unsatisfactory Christmas gifts. Australia Australia is one of the countries in the southern hemisphere. At the end of December, when Western European countries celebrated Christmas in the howling cold wind, Australia was in the heat of midsummer. Therefore, during Christmas in Australia, sweaty young men with bare upper body and girls in miniskirts can be seen everywhere, together with the well-arranged winter snow scenes in shop windows, Christmas trees covered with snowflakes and Santa Claus in red padded jackets, constitute a unique Australian style. Holiday image. This sharp contrast between the scorching heat and severe winter is probably unique in Western countries. The best Christmas gift parents can give their children is a pair of small water paddles. Christmas tide is a big feature of Australia. In the evening of the festival, take a drink to the forest“Babel House”picnic. People use dead branches to light a fire in an open-air stove built with stones, and put an iron plate on it, and fry sausages, beef, fresh fish, etc. on it. After eating and drinking, jump up“disco”or“kangaroo dance”, It didn't end until late at night. Those who were drunk would lie down on the grass and welcome Santa Claus in the snoring like thunder. Poland is held on December 25th and 26th every year in Poland. Every household has to decorate the Christmas tree, and the decorations on the Christmas tree are sold in the streets and alleys. During the festival, relatives and friends congratulate each other and give gifts to each other to show friendship. When eating in the evening, put some grass under the tablecloth to show the birth of Jesus. Dinner is rich, but meat is not allowed. After 12 o'clock at night, the whole family went to church to worship. During the Christmas period, people generally do not visit other people's homes, except for those who are kindly invited by the host. Bulgaria According to the Bulgarian calendar, Christmas is a day of haunted spirits and rampant evil spirits. Therefore, people use fire to drive away demons and suppress evil spirits. On Christmas Eve, every family lit a fire and kept burning until dawn, and it must not be extinguished, otherwise it would bring disaster. The man took the Christmas wood and lit the fire and entered the house and said aloud:“When Christmas comes, cows, sheep, pigs, and horses are full of pens, and wheat seedlings are full of ridges. Everyone is lucky.”The people waiting in the house answered in unison:“Amen!”.


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