Controversy over the Christmas tree

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Some Christians, though a minority, believe that“christmas tree”is forbidden, where the Bible·Jeremiah 10:1-5 states:“O house of Israel, listen to what the LORD says to you. Yahweh says:“Do not imitate the ways of the nations. The nations are dismayed by the signs from heaven, but you should not be dismayed by these things. The customs of the peoples are but breath, and their idols are but trees cut down from the forest by men, and made by the craftsman with his hand with a hook and knife. Men adorned their idols with gold and silver, and nailed them with nails and hammers, so that they would not topple over. These idols are just like scarecrows in the melon fields. They cannot speak or walk, and must be carried by people. Do not be afraid of them, for they neither do harm nor bless.”” Those who interpret this passage as grounds for banning Christmas trees come more from that part of the Christian sect that belongs to the Anglican Church. The custom of making idols for worship is mentioned more clearly in another chapter of the King James Bible: This section details how a man turned a piece of wood into an idol for worship. They carry it with them to avoid disaster or to pray for blessings. In addition to the decorative function, the same place as the Christmas tree is that they are all made of wood and are used for worship. A small number of Christian denominations believe that Christmas trees have no biblical basis and therefore avoid them. For the same reason, they don't celebrate Christmas at all. However, many churches regard the Christmas tree as a decoration during Christmas. Some churches will use the same Christmas tree to peel off the bark for Easter Christ's cross. See the description of The Dream of the Rood above. They argue that Ezekiel 47:12 and Revelation 22:2 use trees to symbolize new fruitful life, in analogy to the tree of life forbidden to Adam mentioned in Genesis 3:22-23. Paul clearly stated the relationship between Adam and Christ, saying in Romans 5:14:“Adam is like the one who will come later.”Therefore, the Christmas tree is regarded as a symbol of the tree of life, or a cross that brings a ransom.


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