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For many, Christmas is a reason to connect with friends, catch up with loved ones, and let yourself be pampered. Home is just a meeting place or self-territory during this festival. The decoration is necessary, but it doesn't have to be cumbersome, as long as it has a festive atmosphere. The living room is the main stage for this perfect Christmas script. This year we focus on the comeback card, so the design is simple and easy, and warmth is the keynote of this room. A person's Christmas, heart in a cozy corner Christmas alone may sound a bit miserable, but people who enjoy life will take every holiday seriously, even if there is only one person. Buy a comfortable sofa, nestle in the most comfortable corner of the room, and let Christmas become a beautiful background for you to be alone at night. Christmas trees, long socks, red wine, candles, and music are all reasons to be happy. The most important thing in decorating this corner is comfort and happiness, because this is a corner where you can enjoy your personal style. Christmas for two only needs a simple bar. For Christmas for two, the intimacy of the party is greater than the joy of the festival. Building a temporary bar is the most suitable for this atmosphere. In this space, heads can be brought close together, wine can be drunk infinitely, topics can be kept private, and the bar will keep people in a sober posture. If you have a ready-made bar at home, that’s great, just open a bottle of wine; if not, setting up a bar is not as difficult as imagined, just need to find a place——It doesn't matter if you have a dining table or a desk, just spread a cloth that is festive enough, and put some atmosphere-enhancing trinkets and personalized wine glasses on it. set up a“bar counter”, The bar chair is the most important thing. It should not only be comfortable to sit on, but also look cool, so as to attract attention. It is not a one-off anyway. It is worthwhile to buy a few good chairs while taking this opportunity.


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