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On the traditional Christmas table, roast turkey is an indispensable dish. In some Asian countries, turkey may only be eaten on Christmas Day every year to celebrate the festive season; but in Europe and the United States, especially the American continent, turkey is a very common meat, and it is eaten during Thanksgiving and Christmas. On this big day, turkey is a traditional food. Turkey is a specialty of the Americas and was domesticated by the Indians before the Europeans came to the Americas. turkey name in english“Türkiye”. Because Europeans think it looks like Turkish clothing: black and red. Europeans like to eat roast goose very much. After immigrating to the Americas, I had the requirement to eat geese before raising them well, so I ate turkey, and found that turkey was better than goose. And there are plenty of turkeys in North America. So roast turkey has become a big dish for Americans, and it is indispensable in important festivals. This custom has a history of more than 300 years. It is said that on Christmas Day in 1620, a large number of immigrants from England arrived at Plymouth Hill in the American continent. At that time, the products there were poor, and there were only turkeys all over the mountains, so they caught turkeys as the main course of the festival. Therefore, in addition to ham, sweet potatoes, vegetables, raisin pudding, fruit cakes, and cocktails, of course the turkey is indispensable in the Christmas dinner.“man”up! .


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