Design elements and precautions of artificial Christmas tree

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1. The design of the base base must take into account the strength and stability. The base equipped with electrical appliances must also consider the safety performance of insulation and heat dissipation. From the perspective of strength and cost, the base of a tree less than 1.5m is usually plastic injection molding, while the base of a large tree The base of a 2.5m tree is formed by stamping and welding of metal materials. The main factors affecting the strength of the base are the weight of the tree and the environment in which it is used. The slope of the included angle is flat and upward, at 360°. Rotate the base within the range and the tree cannot move or fall. The factors that affect the stability of the base are the height and diameter of the tree; special attention should be paid to the fact that the material used for the base must be flame retardant or self-extinguishing; in addition, for The light tree or fiber optic tree base with electrical appliances sold separately must pass the relevant safety testing or certification stipulated by the importing country. 2. Tree body The tree body is usually composed of iron pipes and tree knots installed on the iron pipes to connect branches. The structure of the tree body is relatively simple; in addition to considering its strength and stability in the design, like the base, the material used must also be resistance. Combustible or self-extinguishing, in addition, for the consideration of packaging and transportation, the tree body with a height greater than lm is usually designed to be segmented. 3. Branches The leaves of various specifications, colors and shapes are combined on the metal branches in a certain number and position to form branches. After all the branches are assembled, the shape of the tree is formed; the branch design mainly considers the following aspects. (1) Simulation degree. Choose suitable leaves and their combinations to make them as close as possible to the branches of various real trees. (2) Economy. Leaves are the most used raw materials on trees. Common raw materials and methods for making leaves include calendering PVC film, extruding PE wire and PE injection molding. The production efficiency of these three kinds of leaves is from high to low. Arranged in order, while the order of its degree of simulation and cost is the opposite. In practice, several kinds of leaves are often mixed. (3) What should be paid attention to in the design and production of branches is to avoid the potential safety hazards caused by the thin iron wires that may be exposed at the head and tail of the leaves; the leaves made of PVC are self-extinguishing, but the leaves made of PE must meet the flame retardant requirements .


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