Different Christmas delicacies in European countries


Eating turkey for Christmas dinner seems to be the law in our cognition, but it is not. In addition to eating turkey at Christmas, every country has its own traditional Christmas food that must be eaten. Let’s take a look at the different countries in Europe. Same Christmas treats. French traditional Christmas food - b^uche de No"el French dessert b^uche de No"el literally translates to "Christmas wood". Romantic French people, why do they eat wood at Christmas? It turns out that in many parts of Europe, there is such a tradition at Christmas. Light the yule log (Christmas wood) during Christmas, and keep it burning from Christmas to the new year, so as to keep the home bright, thinking that it can ward off evil spirits and drive away illness for the family. Later, because many families did not have fireplaces and could not burn yule logs, they gradually changed to making Christmas log cakes. On Christmas Day, everyone ate Christmas log cakes together to symbolize the burning of yule logs. British Christmas snacks "Gingerbread Man" and pudding There is a story about the British Gingerbread Man. During the Crusades, ginger from Southeast Asia was brought back to Europe. Ginger was a very expensive high-grade spice at that time, and only nobles or rich people could eat it. In the 16th century, the Queen of England at that time asked the chef to make ginger biscuits into the appearance of guests and bake human-shaped biscuits. Later, ginger gradually became less rare, and many common people could afford it. People also followed the palace to bake gingerbread men. In addition to gingerbread men, Christmas in the UK also includes Christmas Pudding. In medieval England, there was a tradition of making pudding on what is called "Trinity Sunday". This kind of pudding is made of 13 kinds of materials. During the production process, the whole family has to gather together and take turns stirring the pudding mixture. Therefore, this day is also called Stir-up Sunday. German Christmas drink "Spiced Wine" In Germany and Austria, it is popular to drink a kind of spiced wine called Glühwein (mulled wine) at Christmas. This kind of wine is based on red wine, and sometimes it is paired with rum or other spirits, and then added with cloves, cinnamon and other spices to make a hot drink, also known as "Christmas red wine". Germans will drink it at Christmas. It is warm and holds a cup in their hands. Even if they stay outdoors, they are not afraid of the cold. The wine is fragrant and smells like Christmas. "Eggnog" in Europe Eggnog began to appear around the 13th century. The ingredients for making eggnog include eggs, milk, rum or sherry. Because these ingredients are relatively expensive, they were also affordable for rich people at that time. And because people generally believed that eggnog had the effect of curing colds, drinking eggnog gradually had the implication of blessing health and wealth, and later, it gradually evolved into a must-have drink for Christmas. European countries basically have their own special Christmas delicacies. Due to the limited space, we cannot list them all. If you are interested, you can learn more about them yourself..

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