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Christmas is the biggest celebration of Christianity. It is to celebrate the birth of their Lord—Jesus. Overseas people have their own religions, so they pay special attention to these festivals. The following introduces the celebration methods of various religions: Christian Advent is the celebration of the expected birth of Christ at the end of November, and Advent churches will have special activities or ceremonies. Typically includes Advent carols, this time is celebrated with an Advent calendar, and sweets and chocolates are given to children during the period. Before Christmas, the church will arrange many Christmas activities in the church, and the choir will also sing Christmas songs in the church. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, special events include midnight mass. Judaism and other faiths also celebrate their respective winter celebrations during the Christmas holiday. The most obvious example is the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. In the 21st century, family members also began to exchange gifts during Hanukkah. Some people in Islam believe that Christmas is also reasonably accepted by the Islamic world, because Jesus is also a prophet in Islam, and there is no reason to reject celebrating his birth. The secular celebration of Christmas has become very common among Muslims in Western countries. Orthodox Russia solemnly celebrates the arrival of Orthodox Christmas. Orthodox Christmas is on January 7. On Christmas Eve, church priests and believers will pray all night in the church to thank the Lord, and they will hold a cross and Christmas lights parade around the church and farmhouses.


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