Formulation of special material formula for Christmas tree

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The formulation of the substrate formula is based on the test results, formulates the formula based on experience, and continuously modifies the formula until the physical and mechanical properties and processing performance of the Christmas tree material are similar. It should be pointed out that: For white, light-colored and colorful products, It is not suitable to use darker color additives (such as P-CI, etc.), nor should use fillers with poor whiteness (fillers treated with dark coupling agents). In order to save space, this article will omit the process of formulating the base material formula in detail. For the formulation of the Christmas tree color formula, we have determined that the Christmas material sample is composed of three colors: green, yellow, and black. Yellow, fluorescent yellow, Vc802 green, phthalocyanine green, lower limit of light resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, migration resistance of carbon black, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, toxicity, tinting strength, covering rate, dispersibility, coloring cost, etc. , and then refer to the use of the product. Reasonable selection of pigments, based on which three pigments are selected: phthalocyanine green, special yellow, and carbon black. How to determine the concentration of pigments is not an easy task. The following measures can be taken: first, the concentration of pigments can be determined according to reference materials and accumulated experience. Concentration. The second is to compare the coloring reference object with the sample, find out the color similar, and then determine the concentration of the pigment. We cannot take advantage of the first two measures, so we have to adopt the third measure—Coloring method, first mix phthalocyanine green, special yellow and carbon black evenly in different proportions, use plasticizer dioctyl phthalate to make a paste that is easy to flow and disperse, and mix well Spread the paste on the base material sheet evenly, find a similar coating sample, and determine the approximate concentration of the pigment as phthalo green 10 abalone, special yellow 45g, and carbon black 50g. When using the Xu color method, the pigment should not be adjusted too thin or Too thick, the former is unfavorable to observation, the latter has poor dispersion and uneven Xu layer. Xu layer thickness is advisable to just cover the base material sheet. Using the Xu color method to determine the concentration of the pigment has a large error, and the method is not easy to master. When formulating the color formula, some color matching skills should be paid attention to: the secondary color should not be combined with its complementary color, otherwise the color will be dull. When matching color matching, we should not only pay attention to the matching of colors, but also pay attention to the matching of color and light. Pigments, so as not to affect the color matching results due to the different heat resistance of the pigments. When matching colors, try to use as few types of colors as possible, otherwise it will bring a lot of unnecessary troubles.


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