Giant Christmas tree in Changzhou Dinosaur Park

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On the evening of December 15th, China Dinosaur Park 2006“Colorful Starry Sky, Passionate Christmas”The night park lighting ceremony was grandly held on the stage in the lake of Dinosaur Park. Nearly 500 citizen representatives from various communities in the city were invited to participate in this event. At 17:08, when night fell quietly, under the sound of Christmas bells, 20 angels stepped out with candles in their hands, thanking Christmas with the audience, and sending out the gospel of angels, wishing everyone peace and happiness in the new year. After the show,“lighting ceremony”It was officially held. As Xu Xiaoyin, the executive deputy general manager of Dinosaur Park Company, activated the light button, the Christmas tree king of Dragon City this year”, the 25-meter-high Christmas tree shone brilliantly in an instant, and with the fireworks everywhere, the stage area in the lake suddenly appeared colorful. Afterwards, the lights in various areas of the Dinosaur Park were turned on regularly. In less than 2 minutes, the originally dim Dinosaur Park became radiant with LED lights, strobe lights, and starlight lights.……Dozens of lights of various shapes are intertwined together, forming a colorful sea of ​​lights. After the lighting ceremony, the tourist representatives participating in the activity visited the Dinosaur Park at night in the warm Christmas music, and experienced the romance and passion of the Christmas Eve Park in the Dinosaur Park in advance. It is understood that this year's Christmas, Dinosaur Park has spent more than 1 million yuan to decorate the park's Christmas atmosphere and enhance lighting effects. A 300-meter-long colorful light strip is set up along both sides of Hanjiang Road. The solemn Feilaishi gate is constantly changing colors against the background of snowflake lights, which echoes the night park well.“colorful starry sky”Theme of. Strolling through the park, thousands of strobe lights newly added this year release dazzling brilliance, bringing“christmas tree king”It stands out even more brilliantly. In short, regardless of the content of this year's Dinosaur Park Night Park, the lighting arrangement will give people a refreshing feeling.


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