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When looking for Christmas tree manufacturers, many people worry whether you are a trading company or a real manufacturer. In order to save time, many people search on the Internet, but some“Christmas tree manufacturer”The camouflage is very good, you can't detect it at all. When you go to talk to him, you find that it is a trading company. This is a waste of time and cost, so here is a way for Guangdong Christmas tree manufacturer handicraft factory to teach you: 1. 3. Industrial and Commercial Inquiry On the National Industrial and Commercial Inquiry website, there is a selection of regions. You can select a region to inquire whether the enterprise is registered as a production-oriented enterprise or a trade-oriented enterprise. 2. Baidu map query You can enter the Baidu area to search for the company address. If it is a building or some road, you can be sure that it is a trading company. If it is an industrial park, you can probably get the information clearly. 3. Baidu panorama map query If it is a Christmas tree manufacturer, there will be a signboard outside the factory, and the scale of the factory can be seen in the photos. 4. Understand the information. General trading companies will not let you come to inspect or visit the factory casually. If you can see the factory immediately, you can basically conclude that if you hesitate, you understand~~~~ Through the above four points, go slowly Comprehension can greatly save your precious time and energy. In today's society, time is money. If you think I am useful these days, please support me! .


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