History of the Christmas tree

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Just as Christmas originated as a pagan custom, the Christmas tree has a long history and has become a common winter phenomenon in many cultures. Germanic tribes The ancient pagan claims were preserved in Christianization, and the evergreen tree symbolizes the celebration of the resurrection of life. Roman Empire Period An ancient Roman mosaic (present-day Tunisia) showing the mythical Greek god of wine and male fertility triumphant from India, with Dionysus (modern scholars believe him to be the god of reincarnation) holding a branch of a coniferous tree. The process of Christianization can also be confirmed in the Old English poem Dream of the Rood, in which the tree is the instrument of torture for Jesus. The psalm also references the tree of the knowledge of good and evil recorded in Genesis. Modern Modern customs cannot directly attest to pagan customs. The earliest documented records can be traced back to the 16th century in Germany; Ingeborg Weber-Keller, professor of European anthropology in Marburg, identified a 1570 Annals of the Bremen City Guild reporting how to add apples, nuts, dates, biscuits to a cold tree Decorations such as washi paper flowers are erected in guild houses to please the children of guild members collecting sweets for Christmas. Another reference comes from Basel, where an apprentice tailor was carrying a decorated mac and cheese tree near the city in 1597. By the early 18th century, this custom was still only common in the towns of the Upper Rhine region, and it was rare in rural areas. Candles have been dated to the late 18th century. Christmas trees in the area“to promote”It is even slower.


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