How to find the raw materials for the production of Christmas trees

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The raw materials of ordinary Christmas trees include: 1. Raw materials PVC is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride material, and it is one of the most widely used decorative materials in plastic materials. It has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, flame retardancy, and simple construction. So it is one of the most widely used materials for making Christmas leaves. PE is what we often call polyethylene, which is in granular form. Because of its heat resistance, it is one of the high-quality materials for various injection molding and blow molding products. The simulation effect of the leaves of the Christmas tree made with it is good. Both PVC and PE materials we use are environmentally friendly materials. The branches of the Christmas tree are generally made of high-quality wire. The trunk trunk is a steel pipe. These are the fiber optic filaments for decoration, and this is the LED bulb, there are multicolored ones and monochromatic ones. Our country has no specific requirements for the various components of Christmas tree materials, but some countries have different standards. Therefore, before making Christmas trees, spectrometers can be used to detect the content of harmful substances in various components in materials according to the requirements of different countries. , as long as the various ingredients do not exceed the standard. 2. Optical fiber Christmas tree: The optical fiber Christmas tree has the characteristics of high safety, power saving, and various colors. The characteristics of optical fiber light transmission, through the color light source installed in the bottom basin of the Christmas tree, the light source on the color basin above the color lamp is transmitted to the end of the optical fiber to illuminate the Christmas tree. Since the color basin is rotating, the optical fiber on the Christmas tree shines through various Different colors of light form a Christmas tree of dazzling colors.


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