How to Make a Christmas Wreath

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Christmas wreaths are generally made of evergreen conifer branches, round or half-moon, embellished with pinaceae poinsettia and some red fruit bells. There are many ways to make Christmas wreaths, and the size and material selection can be changed according to different needs. When hung up, it definitely creates an exquisite attraction. Hanging this kind of wreath on Christmas Eve can protect your children from being harmed by demons in the new year, and it is also full of festive joy. Materials: corrugated paper, handmade paper of various colors, crepe paper, scissors, handmade white glue, oil pastels, gold and silver markers, etc. Steps: 1) Choose the corrugated paper you like, and use symmetrical cutting to make a ring base; 2) According to the characteristics of Christmas flowers ( Pointed petals, symmetrical) to make Christmas flowers: Big red Christmas flowers, use symmetrical cuts to make six-petal Christmas flowers of various colors, use 3 paper strips to make, pay attention to the angle of pasting, use crumpled paper strips to wrap around the flower center 3) Making leaves: (The shape of Christmas flowers and leaves is the same, but the leaves at the top turn red to form flowers.) First cut out the shape, and then use an oil pastel stick to outline the veins and veins of the leaves, paying attention to the color matching. 4) Arrange the finished flowers and leaves on the ring base to form a suitable shape, pay attention to the arrangement of the leaves against the flowers, pay attention to the direction of the leaves, and finally fix them with white glue. 5) Make the final embellishment with gold and silver markers.


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